Can Oil Of Wild Oregano Help With Ear Infection?

Can Oil Of Wild Oregano Help With Ear Infection?

Oil wild of oregano is a popular herb oil and is used in several ways for various purposes. Out of the thousands of benefits it serves, the one we will be talking about today is treating ear infection.
Oregano oil is known to treat various infections and one among them is an ear infection. Let’s know if it works for ear infection.

Understanding Ear Infections

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The ear infection can occur outside, inside or even in the middle of the ear. Commonly it occurs at the middle of the ear. The infection is usually caused by certain bacteria and is known as acute otitis media or ACM.
Infection in different parts of the ear occurs due to different reasons and might suggest other health problems. It is important to get your infection diagnosed if you think it’s getting severe as lack of treatment can also lead to hearing loss.
The infection can lead to pain, itchiness and discomfort. However, itchiness is sometimes normal, if it gets abnormal, you need to pay attention.

Why Natural Treatment?

We all know how antibiotics work. They are fast and offer immediate relief. But, when the issue occurs frequently and you keep on taking allopathic treatment, it makes the body habitual of the drug and the effect starts to slow down. The body doesn’t react to the medicine the same way and then you feel even the antibiotic has stopped working.
Ayurvedic or natural treatment claims to treat the ailment so that it doesn’t occur again by building immunity for that particular symptom. So, natural treatment is your way to go when there is a possibility and you want to get rid of the disease or infection completely without any side effects.

Oil Of Oregano For Ear Infection

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Oregano oil is loaded with antioxidants and is highly antibacterial in nature. The element carvacrol in the oregano oil helps in retarding the growth of bacteria and helps in treating infections.
Oregano oil works by preventing further growth of the bacteria. The antioxidant properties fight with free radicals which contribute to further illness. It limits inflammation and thus suppresses the growth of bacteria which eventually cures the infection.
Apart from fighting with the bacteria, the oil of oregano also relieves pain and makes it bearable for you until completely cured.

How To Use Oil Of Wild Oregano For Ear Infection?

If you are thinking of using oregano oil as an eardrop, drop the idea here only. Oregano oil is extremely strong and it can cause damage and burns inside the ear. Even a single drop of oregano oil is enough for one-time usage.
Mix 2-3 drops of oregano oil with an oil of your choice to dilute it. Now massage it gently outside and around the ear.
You can also go for the steaming method by adding a few drops of oregano oil in hot water. Wrap around with a towel and let the oil heal from within.
For better results, you can try drinking the oil in water or any other beverage of your choice to avoid the strong taste. You should add only 2-3 drops of the oil for single usage.

Precautions Before Starting With Oregano Oil

You should ask your doctor before switching with oregano oil. Certain medical conditions can worsen with oregano oil and that’s why confirming with a doctor who knows your medical history is crucial.

Currently, the most popular natural treatment is oregano oil. Many people wild oregano oil Australia and have found it useful too. If you also feel like trying it, make sure to talk to a health expert. Also, don’t buy any random oregano oil product before checking its authenticity.

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