Building a New Home? These are the Hidden Costs You Should Know About

“We have got a great deal!” You will surely exclaim in joy when you will find a builder who is ready to build a brand-new home in your estimated budget. Little do you know that there are hidden costs attached to building a new house. There are several reasons why you should not settle for the builder who gives you the lowest budget. Many times, once the project is started, such builders start adding extra costs that were not disclosed at the time of signing the contract. For example, builders may need temporary fencing or portable toilets while working on the project. Extra costs like these can shoot up the client’s home-building budget exorbitantly. It is advisable to check the builder’s background before inking the deal. There are several trustworthy home builders in South Australia, and Genworth Homes is one of them.

Hidden Costs:

It is important that the builder gives you a real idea about how much it will cost you to build a home from scratch. Apart from building a home, there are several procedures that will add to your budget. Here we have tried to list all of them down so that even if your builder does not reveal it to you, you can ask him directly about it.

1.Testing of soil and contour:

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Soil and contour testing are as important as getting timber and building a home. Be prepared to shell out $1000-$2000 for this test. If the plot you have selected is slopy then you will have to spend some extra bucks for this.

2.Cost of site preparation:

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This will eat up a huge portion of your budget. Site preparation will cost you around $10,000 to $70,000, depending on the scale of the project. Type of soil and contour plays a huge role in determining this cost. It includes costs like excavation, demolition, connecting and maintaining services like water, sewerage, fire control etc.

3.Land registration:

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If you are planning to build property on new land that has not yet been registered, you will have to pay an extra cost for registration. It may include electricity and plumbing connection.


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Sometimes, house builders Adelaide deliberately avoid including the cost of flooring to show that they can build a home in a tight budget. Flooring includes the cost of a cement slab, timber floorboards etc. While signing a deal with the builder ensure that the cost of flooring is included in it


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Building a custom home is like a dream coming true for many. Who would imagine a dream home without a lush green lawn and an attractive yard? You have to clarify with the builder whether the landscaping services are included in the project or not. Otherwise, only at the later stage, you will come to know that you will have to take out a huge amount from your pocket for landscaping.


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A driveway is a basic requirement and it takes a lot to build it. Therefore, many builders may not make it a part of the deal. So before finalizing the deal, make sure you clarify with the builder whether he will build a driveway and garage for you or not. This hidden cost may shoot up your budget beyond imagination.Apart from these, you may be charged extra for closing the road while the project is underway. You will have to pay road closing fees to the local council or state government. In addition to that, if you make modifications in the plan, the builder may charge you extra. It is advisable to discuss the budget and hidden costs at length with the builder before the project commences. There are several genuine custom home builders in Adelaide who clarify all the costs attached to the project before the client. The estimate given by them may look higher but it will give you an exact idea how much the custom home building project is going to cost you.

Can I Modify My House Plan Once Finalized?

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Of course, you can. You are the homeowner and at any point of time, if you feel you want to modify the plan, you can go ahead and discuss it with the builder. But, be ready to spend extra for that. The builders fix the budget as per the requirements cited by the client. If the requirements change, so does the budget. Changing the house plan may comprise changing a foundation type, changing façade, adding a garage, adding square footage, redesigning of kitchen, adding or removing fireplace etc. You can discuss the possibilities with the luxury home builders Adelaide and they will provide you with the right guidance.

Promotions and Offers Given by the Builder:

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You might have been introduced to the words like “free” rooms, “bonus appliances” etc. if you are searching for a custom home builder in Adelaide. It is tempting, isn’t it? Do not get tricked. These promotions are generally a trap and the builder will make you pay for it at the later stage once you sign the deal with him. Remember, the initial price of a genuine builder may look higher but in the long run, it will probably be the most reasonable deal you can get. You have to invest a huge amount of time and money to build a custom home. No doubt, you are looking for ways to save money. Promotions and offers may look tempting but in most cases, they are too good to be true. Therefore, choose the only reputable builder, even if you have to stretch your budget a bit. You won’t regret it later.

Tips to cut costs while building a custom home:

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Rather than compromising with the quality of the builder, you should try to find ways to cut costs in the process of building. For example, choose a flat surface rather than a slopy one. You will save a lot of money that is spent on resurfacing and contouring the land. A simple design will cost less than a complex one. So, select a design that fits well in your budget. Avoid landscaping. You can always grow a garden or lawn later when you start living in your new home. This too will save a lot of costs.


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