Best time for training in tennis

Best time for training in tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and there are thousands of academies across the world where children in their early ages start to train with a dream to play professionally. When children start to train from an early age, they develop a sense of fighting spirit and a never-die attitude that takes them ultimately to a medal. The journey from a young child to a medal is very tough and requires every day of blood and sweat that ultimately makes you a champion one fine day. If you visit a tennis academy in Dubai, you will see hundreds of children giving their best and challenging their own abilities every day.

Training is part of the game and the more you train, the more perfect you become. Each and everything you practice during your training sessions comes in handy during matches in professional tournaments. Training are the ways for your coach to determine your loopholes and work upon them unless they are eliminated completely.

When to train?

Even the champions like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have their favorite best time of the day to train and in the same way, everybody can have their favorite times depending upon which part of the day they like. If you visit a Dubai tennis academy, you will see that the training goes on throughout the day and it depends on the person when they want to join. Coaches are available all day for coaching. We can divide a day into three parts morning, evening and afternoon, and see which part of the day is suitable for which type of training


Morning is considered to be the perfect time for training not only in tennis but for any field and outdoor sports. Waking up early in the morning and starting training is the best thing any tennis player can do as the morning time is the best time to grasp things and your body is fresh and energetic. After doing the daily chores in the morning, you can have light refreshments as suggested by your coach and go to the academy. When you wake up early in the morning, you have all the energy in the world and the concentration power is at its peak.

Whatever the coaches tell you at this time, your mind grasps quickly. Half an hour of warming up sessions suggested by your coach will be enough to loosen up your muscles and start training. The morning training sessions could last from 5 AM to 10 AM depending upon your coach.


In sports and tennis academies, 11 AM is considered to be the afternoon time and this is usually the time when you are tired and have given all your blood and sweat during your training time. This is the time to stretch yourself and your muscles so that they don’t get sore and cause injuries. The stretching sessions could last for an hour or so again depending upon the coach and your daily routine. From 12 PM to around 5 PM, you need to relax and give your body ample time to recover. You can have lunch and sleep for a few hours for complete recovery


After having proper rest, sleep, and diet, your body gets completely energized to be in the court again. The schedule of morning and evening training could be planned differently by the coach but training in the evening prepares you to play matches in the lights as well which is extremely beneficial in the professional career. Just 2-3 hours of training in the evening is sufficient.

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