small batch coffee roasters

Benefits of small batch coffee roasters

Let’s face it, fresh is always preferable. There’s no doubt that everything is better when more time and attention is given to it. Coffee is no different, which is why small-batch roasting for coffee subscription Adelaide is gaining popularity and is the next big thing in the industry. Small batch roasting ensures that freshly roasted coffee reaches your cup within days of roasting, as opposed to coffee that has been languishing on store shelves for months, or worse, in a warehouse someplace.

According to the coffee roasters south Australia, small-batch roasted coffee is a preferred choice  because of two clear reasons – 

  • Get fresher roast
  • Get consistent roast

Consistent roasting

There’s much to be said for roasting in small batches to assure uniformity and quality. It’s easier to regulate the roasting process and ensure that all of the coffee beans get a similar roast when roasting fewer than 50 lbs of beans. It’s much easier to keep the beans flowing and view the majority of the batch all through the process to understand if it is getting roasted properly. Small batch roasting allows for a level of quality control that is impossible to duplicate in bigger batches.

Smell That Freshness

When we obtain coffee beans, they are green, and if we keep them in a cool, dry place, they will be ready to roast nearly endlessly (within reason, of course), with no degradation in quality.

The quality of the flavours begins to deteriorate after the beans are roasted, hence small-batch roasting aims to sell or use the roasted beans within a few days following roasting. Roasting the beans affects their chemical structure and, as a result, their flavour. The roasting method causes drawing out oils and other compounds that are required to create the flavours that contributes to the flavour we love in coffee. The fresh oils, sugars, and other chemical constituents of the beans begin to decay and oxidise with the passage of time if coffee is left for too long after roasting (more than around a week), therefore the closer you consume the coffee to the roasting, the better. This is also true when it comes to coffee grinding. The coffee is broken down and has a considerably bigger surface area once ground, allowing these flavorful ingredients to evaporate or oxidise. So get yourself a little coffee grinder and grind your small-batch roasted beans fresh every time you brew a cup of coffee for the freshest coffee.

Consistency is Key

Many mass market coffees sold in supermarkets are roasted in huge volumes. As a result, the roaster has less control over the roasting level and colour of the finished product, resulting in a product that falls short of gourmet standards. Roasting beans in smaller quantities, as we do, helps us to keep a close eye on them and achieve a more consistent and precise roast across the board. This results in a more precisely roasted bean, allowing to concentrate on extracting the flavours we want from the coffee while letting each individual bean to show through. Small batch roasting is ideal for highlighting the distinct characteristics of single origin coffee, which is why small-batch roasting and single origin coffee are highly preferred by coffee connoisseurs. 

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