6 Top Air and Gas Monitor Equipment

6 Top Air and Gas Monitor Equipment for Fire Departments, Fire and Rescue, and Hotshots

For responding to fire, smoke, and gas-related incidents, firefighters rely on precise air and gas monitors. Many harmful gases must be monitored by firemen in order to determine the best approach to respond, extinguish, and prevent elements from reactivating.

The use of key gas constituents for monitoring and measuring can save lives. The following are the six air and gas monitors that often used by fire departments and firefighters, for rescue and fire detection and are also used by other front-line emergency responders –

Biogas GEM™5000 With H2S | Portable Methane Detector

This is a perfect gas monitoring device which comes with easy to use features that can work perfectly well for farms, labs, food processing plants as well as in wastewater treatment facilities. It can calculate the balance of gas and flow (SCFM) and with the methane leak detector, it can enable consistent collection of data for improved analysis and precise reporting.

MRU AMPRO 2000 – Handheld Combustion Gas Analyzer

This is a product from the well known MRU company of Germany and is acclaimed across the globe for producing well-engineered biogas, combustion, emission, and handheld combustion gas analyzer. The AMPRO 2000 is a handheld portable gas analyzer that can be used to monitor combustion and industrial processes. The pricing for MRU AMPRO 2000 combustion is for a single unit.
With MRU AMPRO 2000, it is possible to carry out simultaneous measurements of up to seven gases. The emission calculation includes those of CO2, CO, NO + NO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S.

MRU Optima 7 – Handheld Biogas Analyzer (With H2S measurement)

The MRU Optima 7 is a powerful handheld analyzer that can measure up to seven gas components at once, making it ideal for biogas and flue gas cogeneration engine tests. Simple operation, a compact and durable design, easy data management, and a cheap ownership cost distinguish the Optima 7. The MRU optima 7 biogas analyzer can help in the following biogas measurement –
O2, H2S, CH4 and CO2 (infrared for CO2/CH4).
It can also do emission measurement of O2, CO, NO, NO2 and CO2.

MRU NOVA Plus – Engine Emissions Analyzer

This is a multifunctional biogas analyzer that may also be used to tune engines and report compliance. MRU Nova Plus is capable of detecting combustion air temperature, stack gas temperature, stack draught, differential pressure, and temperature. CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, Dew Point, excess air and air ratio, combustion efficiency, and heat losses may all be calculated using it. MRU nova plus emission analyzer, is particularly safe for industrial use because of some of its key functions, such as gas leak detection and flow measuring. It is widely employed in many different industries around the world due to its cost-effectiveness and portability.

CO2, NO2, O2, CO Analyzer – G210-11N

CO Analyzer – G210-11N is engineered for measurement of Nitrous Oxide 100%, Oxygen 100%, Carbon Dioxide 2,000ppm and Carbon Monoxide 500ppm. Calibration is very easy and is a perfect one for four gas measuring analyzer. It is often used in pharmaceutical research, hospital piped gas and leak detection.

MRU SWG 100 – Fixed Biogas Analyzer

The swg 100 biogas analyzer is widely used in biogas plants, bio methane plants, cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP), landfill sites and coal seam gas sites. Because of its rugged features and design, it can be used in collecting samples from low suction up to high pressure gas pipe.

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