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What Makes An Electric Guitar Sound The Best?

Endless debates have happened over the guitar sound. Since the rise of social media, like everything, guitarists have also found a common platform to talk about things related to guitar.
There are people who believe that the sound of a guitar depends on every small and big part of the guitar, while others think just the opposite. According to them, it’s the player and skills that matter and no matter which guitar you pick from music instrument stores in Brisbane, the sound will just be the same.
Being with the first group of people, here we will discuss a few factors which contribute to the guitar sound.

The Best Wood

(image courtesy : Long & McQuade)

Tonewoods matter when it comes to the sound of the guitar. Certain combinations like mahogany/maple are immensely popular for sounding great.
Choosing the right wood is a crucial job. Most guitarists believe that the quality of wood affects the guitar sound and that’s why it is crucial to choose the right type.
The ideal wood type of electric guitar body and the tops of an acoustic guitar is different as the function of both these parts is different.
The best wood type for electric guitar bodies is Mahogany. Other great options include basswood, alder, ash, maple, walnut, rosewood, koa etc.

Good Quality Pickups And Electronics

Pickups and electronics can affect the guitar sound to a great extent. Not only the quality, but the sequence of pickups also matters when it comes to producing the best sound.
All pickups sound different and that’s why choosing the best ones is important.
Now, quality is not surely related to money. The most expensive ones will not be the best ones for sure, but don’t forget that quality comes at some price.
Don’t search for the cheapest pickups available in guitar shop Brisbane, instead, do your research and choose good quality and affordable pickups.

Design And Construction

Design and construction play a significant role in the sound quality of a guitar. It is evident from the fact that two different guitars from the same manufacturer sound different. Every guitar is designed differently from others and that’s why all of them sound different.
Even the weight and finish of the guitar matters. And that’s the reason, guitarists suggest choosing a superbly crafted guitar.
The high-quality guitars constructed by top brands sound the best and the reason is their design and construction. The guitar weighs just right and the finish is fantastic.
Moreover, the quality standard of guitar construction plants also comes into play when we take the fact that nowadays guitars are produced in bulk with the help of machines.

It Sounds Better With Age

(image courtesy : guitaradvise.com)

Now, this is basically a myth. But, if you keep the same guitar for a significantly long time, it will surely sound better.
The reason?
Both you and the guitar get used to each other. Whatever we do, we get better each day and that’s what happens with guitars too.
As mentioned earlier, each guitar is different and when you use the same guitar for a long time, you get to know all the good points. You know exactly what will produce the best effect.
The craze for vintage guitars is considered because of the fact that they sound better, but the reason is quality. Classic pieces have always been the best in quality.

What makes an Electric Guitar Sound Like an Acoustic?

You expect a strong tone but what comes out is a muddy and feeble sound. The electric guitar can sound like an acoustic due to several reasons. The problem can be tough to diagnose for a beginner.
Try checking the guitar controls, amp settings, chain, cables, pickups, jack and all other parts. Do the necessary cleaning and change settings. If the problem still persists, hire electric guitar service Brisbane. They understand the instrument better and that would help in a quick fix of the issue.

As a guitar learner, you might expect a strong ring, but that’s not what happens all the time. Be patient and understand your instrument. When you will start knowing your guitar parts, the sound will improve eventually. Understand the sequence of effects and pickups along with music to create a good tone.

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