Wasp Control: How Do You Keep Wasps from Coming Back?

Wasps are one of the most common and pestering summer pests which can make your life hell by invading your home. Wasps are quite stubborn and it’s not an easy job to extirpate them utterly. If you spray some store-purchase insecticides, then will certainly revisit your home and will build up new colonies after some time. That’s why you need professional support who has plenty of experiences in Pest control Brampton.

If you want to get rid of wasps, you need to understand what are the sources in your home which attract them the most. If you can block or remove those sources, then wasps don’t come to your house in future. Here, we are mentioning some ways which will help you to keep wasps away from your home.

Identify open sources of water:

if there are open vessels full of water or leakage in your sink, then wasps will get attracted to your home. Because wasps love to thrive on these sources of water. To prevent wasp, it’s your prime duty to not accumulate water in any corner of your house. Wasps prefer sweet foods like jam, cakes, sweet drinks, and fruits. So, keep away all these food items from the window as much as possible.

Restrict their food source:

Like any other insect, wasps also don’t survive without food items. Wasps need the energy to fly and they get this energy from foods. By leaving leftovers and open cans in your bin or trash, you are inviting wasp to enter your home. Keep all food items in airtight containers and store them in the refrigerator. If you keep them open, then their aroma will attract the wasps.

Spray insecticides regularly:

Did you ever faced any wasp infestation in your home? If yes, then keep spraying insecticides at potential hotspots of your home. Insecticides which contain Methyl ethoxy or Tetramethrin are quite effective in killing wasps. Spray these insecticides manually to ensure that wasps never come back to your home.

Keep your furniture safe:

Wasps are allured by the smell of the wood from the furniture. If they discover any moisture on the wooden surface, then they will never leave your home. To remove wasps, you just need to spray cypermethrin every fifteen days on your wooden furniture. This will extirpate wasps utterly from your home.

The fake nest trick:

Wasps prefer to stay in their boundary/territory. You must install a fake wasp nest in your home to prevent a wasp infestation. When you remove that nest, wasps feel that another group has banished them. This simple trick is quite useful and wasps will leave your house forever.

Decontaminate the surroundings:

If your house possesses wet places like a pool, birdbath, mulch, plants, and shrubs, you should spray aerosol pyrethrum once a day. The prime thing is that this chemical is harmless for humans and pets but quite effective against wasps.

Grow strong-smelling plants:

Though wasps are getting attracted by the smell, some smells can discourage wasps from entering your house. Strong smells include tomato stems, fresh mint, ground coffee and cloves prevent wasps from venturing into your home.

These are some ways which will prevent wasps from entering your home.Pestisect Pest Control is a renowned pest control company in Brampton which has plenty of experiences in cockroach control Toronto and wasp control Toronto. The company has many experienced and professional technicians who will make your home pest-free by providing the best services. To know more about the company, you must visit its website and check the services that you are looking for.

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