The top 5 trusted Blockchain Development companies to watch out for 2020

These days, the growth of technology is up-the-ante at a fast pace. One of the latest victories in the field of technology is the evolution of blockchain technology. Though earlier, this new-fangled technology has a great influence in the finance sector, and it was developed for Bitcoin (the digital currency), now, it has the huge number of applications in other sectors also. In this article, we are going to describe the top 5 blockchain development companies in India so that you can select the trusted blockchain developers for your project.

1. Collonmade

Collonmade is a trusted name in the field of software development which has plenty of experiences in blockchain and website development. By using cutting-edge technologies, the company offers the most suitable and affordable web and mobile solutions to the clients. The company has a skilful blockchain team who has worked on several high-quality blockchain projects. The team is equipped with the resources and experiences, that’s why the company can deliver all your requirements on scheduled time. The company offers services like private blockchain development, blockchain consulting, ICO development & launch, exchange platforms, crypto wallet development and Hyperledger & multichain development to the clients.

Founder:- Vikas Suthar
Founded:- 2016
Services Offered:- Web Development, Mobile App Development, Angular JS Development, Pwa Development, Chatbot Development
Key Clients:- Agea Akkam Global Educational Assistance, MTBDoz, DealSquad, Nexgen
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91 70962 21959

2. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz has an experienced and proficient team which can develop effective enterprise-grade applications to the clients. The company has helped more than 20 enterprises achieve success with training, workshops, prototype design, and blockchain proof of concepts. The company delivers scalable blockchain apps that will innovate and improve all your business operations. The company has an experience of working with 30+ fortune 500 companies and it has developed applications which are now being used by millions of consumers worldwide. Depending on each client’s requirements, the company analyses how blockchain can add value to their businesses so that it can suggest the right technology for the businesses. The company offers blockchain services like blockchain consulting, blockchain development, Corda blockchain, Hedera development, EOS blockchain development, and Hyperledger development.

Founder:- Akash Takyar
Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Blockchain Development, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence
Key Clients:- Siemens, Leica, HERSHEY’S, Trace RX
Locations:- San Francisco, New York, Chicago
Phone Number:- +1 (877) 801-8115

3. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a CMMI Level 3 software development company which was established in 2008 in Gujarat. At present, the company has a team of 200 software engineers, technology consultants and creative designers. Apart from software development, the company is specialized in mobile app development, real-time systems, bot development and IOTs. The company holds an impressive portfolio in the field of blockchain development. The company helps the clients to identify how blockchain can develop and improve their businesses and accordingly, provides customized solutions to them. The company offers blockchain development services like Smart Contract, Smart Contract Audit, Private blockchain, Supply Chain Blockchain, Exchanges, and Hyperledger.

Founder:- Jayneel Patel
Founded:- 2008
Services Offered:- Blockchain Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development
Key Clients:- Byju’s Learning App, Orderhive, Hubble Home
Locations:- India
Phone Number:- +91-999-822-2929

4. Hyperlink Infosystem

This Ahmedabad-based popular company provides all types of IT services to the clients. The company has a good and proper coordinating partnership between the client’s intramural internal environments and emerging external IT surrounding. Being one of the leaders in web and mobile app development company, it has a team of experts who build blockchains for the clients. The company has made a framework of blockchain service which takes artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, and web security. Some of the blockchain services that the company offers are Smart Contract development, Cryptocurrency wallet development, exchange development, Ethereum app and Hyperledger.

Founder:- Harnil Oza
Founded:- 2011
Services Offered:- Blockchain Technology, IT Services, Mobile App Development
Key Clients:-, Market Watch, YAHOO Finance, Google, Disney
Locations:- India, USA, UK
Phone Number:- 91 70962 21959

5. Pixelcrayon

This is an award-winning Digital Consulting & Engineering company that offers effective and end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, ISVs, Digital Agencies and Start-ups. Incepted in 2004, the company has served 6800+ customers from 38+ countries. Based in the capital of India, New Delhi, the company is highly appreciated among the clients for agile/DevOps development process, SLA driven approach, and on-time project delivery. The company has established its niche in the field of blockchain development with its excellent services. The company has a team of professional blockchain developers who understand the client’s requirement first and accordingly, provide the most suitable solutions to them. The company offers blockchain services like custom blockchain development, blockchain consulting, cryptocurrency development, wallets development, Smart contract development, and Hyperledger & multichain development.

Founder:- Parvesh Aggarwal
Founded:- 2004
Services Offered:- Blockchain Technology, Web Development, Mobile App Development
Key Clients:- Adobe, Kraftfoods, ebay
Locations:- India
Phone Number:- +91 888-210-8080

Indubitably, blockchain implementation is a strategic move for the companies which will help them to streamline their business processes. The above, we mentioned the top 5 trusted blockchain development companies in India who will add value to your businesses by embracing this new technology. You can contact any of them if you are planning to go for blockchain development for your business

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