Digital Merchandising Solution

Take your Digital Merchandising Solution to the Next Level with EPoS Data

Digital innovations continue to enter the market, whilst some are revolutionary and fundamentally change the way we carry out everyday tasks, some enter the market and cause more pain and confusion than its predecessor. It’s vitally important to select the right vendor and the right solution to meet your pain points.

The evolution of Image Recognition is one of the innovation success stories, thriving in the post covid environment. Image Recognition continues to evolve and improve the speed and accuracy of in-store activities. In my previous blog, I walked you through the types of data and KPI’s that can be captured through using Image recognition. In this blog, I’ll be walking you through how the use of data can be used to direct field sales teams to stores that will generate the highest return on investment (ROI) from every store visit.

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As a field sales rep there is nothing more frustrating than investing an hour’s drive time and a further 30 minutes carrying out activities in store, only to then find the store is doing a terrific job of replenishing your products and ensuring there is a good representation of a brand on display.  This may sound like a strange statement to make; on paper a retailer keeping shelves stocked and products on sale and achieving the perfect store KPI is utopia, it’s what we are all aiming for. 

As a field sales representative, your priority task and reason for being in the field is to improve the in-store conditions and to drive more sales through the checkout. In doing so, generating a good ROI in every store visit.

For every store doing a good job there are five that require your support! So how does a rep or supervisor, decide which store to visit and when to maximize ROI?

With a world full of innovative solutions, combining solutions from different vendors can be a challenge; multiple pieces of technology, additional cost, or worst-case multiple apps for a representative to use. That’s without considering the different data outputs and then reporting from each solution. 

By selecting StayinFront as a partner you can combine our Digital Merchandising solution with StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI) solutions.  In markets with established data sources, RDI Field View alerts can be used to ensure field teams not only have access to market-leading software to carry out activities, but they also have access to StayinFront RDI automated on-shelf availability alerts. These alerts are integrated into the digital module to flag to the rep the size of prize (SOP), initially at store level to enable reps to better plan their day, knowing the value they can expect to achieve in the visit, then within store level SOP alerts are presented at SKU level with a suggested next best action for the rep to take. 

Digital Merchandising Solution

As well as guiding reps to the right store to the right product at the right time with a suggested next best action, RDI alerts also generates sales collateral. This collateral presents the sales trend over time in a graphical format which can be used to help reps influence the store, fixing issues whilst in-store will generate the maximum incremental sales for the brand owner. Field View is one of many solutions provided by StayinFront RDI

In markets that do not have access to granular levels of data, StayinFront RDI Predictive Analytics could be used to generate store-level predictive alerts to focus the field team on the highest priority.  

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Steve Bonsell, Account Director of the EMEA region for StayinFront, joined the Company in the Summer of 2019. In his role, he manages the relationship between the client and each of the StayinFront divisions, ensuring best practices, and that clients are kept informed of all new products and future innovations. Steve’s mantra is ‘Going the final mile to deliver customer delight.’ Having previously worked at Tesco for over 8 years and over 4 years at Nielsen Brandbank, Steve brings with him a wealth of FMCG experience from both a retailer and service provider perspective.

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