How Indian Students To Benefit From Improved UK Post-Study Visa Offer?

How Indian Students To Benefit From Improved UK Post-Study Visa Offer?

The UK is one of the most applauded and preferred destinations for Indian students who want to complete their higher studies and want to make a scintillating career in their field. Every year, a chunk of Indian students used to migrate the UK to pursue their career, but due to Brexit policies a turmoil was developed, and many students have adopted other countries like China, Canada, etc. to accomplish their higher studies.

Now, the UK government has launched a new “International Education Strategy” along with an improved post-study visa regime to get attention from the international students, especially from the Indian students. The government of UK has believed that the new educational strategy (post-Brexit) will help them to regain their position in the field of the education industry. Indian students hold a major portion (from outside the European Union [EU]) of the education system of the UK and play a pivotal role in this industry. Now, the Indian students will enjoy a chunk of benefits with this improved post-study visa offer. They will now get various work options after completion of their degree courses from various UK universities.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this improved post-study visa offer.

With the introduction of the new policy, the government is planning to increase the total number of international students from the entire world. They are encouraging the students to choose the UK higher education system for their further studies. They are aiming that the new strategy will help them to get more applicants from the world (from the current level of 460,000 to 600,000 each year by 2030).

  1. As per the new policy, after the completion of graduation, both Undergraduate and Masters’ students will get a chance to stay in the UK up to six months and will search for job options during this time. They will also get three months before their graduation and during this period, they can find suitable work for themselves and even can change their visa pattern (from a study visa to a work visa).
  2. Moreover, PhD students will also get a chance to stay in the UK for up to a year and they can find work after their graduation. Not only this but also, they will get another three months before graduation and they can utilize this time period by finding work and changing from a study visa to a work visa.
  3. Apart from this, all international graduates are eligible to stay up to two years after their graduation. During this time, they can switch their UK study visa to the UK work visa from outside the UK.

The UK government is well aware of how much Indian students are zealous and passionate about their career paths. Hence, with the new visa policy, they are wholeheartedly welcoming all with the focus on employ ability. That’s why the government is targeting to grow the number of international students in the UK to 600,000. And this clearly depicts that how much they are encouraging every international student to come and study in the UK for a better career option.

The year 2018 has witnessed a hike (up to 35 %) in the number of student visas granted to Indians as compared to the last year. This information has clearly claimed that it is the perfect time for the Indian Students to apply and get the UK study visa in order to lead a healthy and robust lifestyle.

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