Dream Home Still a Distant Dream? Here is How House and Land Packages Can Help You

Affordable homes have become a distant dream for families and young couples in Australia. Chief reasons are sluggish income growth and undersupply of homes across many parts of Australia. As per a survey, only 33% of all homes in Australia are affordable. The ratio is lower in the cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. As a result, first home buyers have to compromise with the location, property type and size of the house. However, house and land packages have emerged as a smart option for those who want to build a dream home in the locality they like. Best new home builders Adelaide can help you build your dream home from scratch, that too within your budget. Let’s first understand what house and land packages are.

What do house and land packages include?

House and land packages are chiefly of two types. In turnkey purchase, the customer finds the land and chooses the specific house design and then the builder helps them build the house. The customer negotiates with the builder on the price of construction, fixtures and fittings and as per the client requirement, the builder initiates the construction process. In such packages, the customer has to pay a 10% deposit. Since the builders are carrying 90% of the cost, they quickly complete such projects.  The benefit of this kind of package is that you can select the location and design of the house of your choice. However, you get limited design options due to a fixed price and building restrictions. Quality builders Adelaide will help you build a dream home on the chosen land parcel.

Till now, home buyers were reluctant to purchase land blocks on their own due to various reasons. However, cutting-edge technology solutions are enabling buyers to take complete control over their house and package choices. They are no more vulnerable to expert advice and can search for available blocks of land, house designs etc. through a mobile app and also get connected to the leading builders of Australia.

Benefits of house and land packages:

1.Building home is no more a draining process:

Building home on a land parcel from scratch can be a physically, emotionally and financially draining process. Opting for a land package sorts most of the things. You get your land; your house design is on your table and you have a fair idea of budget. What more does a customer want? You just have to select the fittings, materials etc. Everything else will be taken care of by the builder.

2.You get a lot of choices:

Builders offering house and land packages prepare the best designs for each land block to attract customers. This saves you from making many difficult decisions. You don’t have to involve yourself in the hassle of orientation, shape and slope of the land block. You just go through the locations and designs and select the one that is best suitable for you. Of course, the window to give your home a personalized touch is always open.

   3.You know your budget well in advance

House and land packages come with lots of inclusions. This gives customers a fair idea of the cost of the project. Also, this provides a cushion against several shocking expenditures that come hand in hand while building a custom home.

   4.Faster process:

Lofty Building Group Source: https://www.loftybuildinggroup.com.au/

It is observed that under house and land packages, builders take less time to build the home. There is clarity about land and house design from the very beginning. That is why the home building process is comparatively quicker than custom build homes.

5.It saves money:

House and land packages are far cheaper than custom-designed houses. Builders have in-depth knowledge of the market and current trends. That is why the designs created by the builders are accurate and cost-effective. In custom design, the house design may go through frequent changes due to lack of practical knowledge and the customer will get to know about the cost only when the design is finalized. With packages, you can start the building process immediately.

  6.They are convenient:

Lofty Building Group Source: https://www.loftybuildinggroup.com.au/

If you are a type of person who likes to walk in the dream home and start a new life without doing anything, house and land packages are made just for you. All you have to do is to turn the key, open the door of the newly built house and start living.  

Is it value for money?

As mentioned above, the house and land packages can help you save a great deal of money. The icing on the cake is tax benefits that come with house and land packages. Before the house is built, you have to pay stamp duty only on the land component, not the house. Many state governments are trying to lure purchasers towards house and land packages and offering tax benefits. So, from a financial angle, house and land packages are a good deal. The only catch is that unlike buying a ready house, you will have to put a lot of faith in the builder for the outcome. You will know what you are getting exactly when you get the house keys. So, if you are ready to take this leap of faith, there is no reason why you should not go for house and land packages.

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