Block print scarves Handmade

Block print scarves Handmade in India

Block print scarves are very chic and can add distinctive style to any wardrobe. These scarves are versatile fashion accessories which can be worn in myriad ways. Sevya offers its customers with a wide range of block printed scarves which are affordable yet stylish. Sevya works with many talented artisans who contribute assiduously to make these scarves beautiful and attractive. The entire process demands a lot of time, effort, and patience. Artisans put stunning and intricate floral and geometric motif prints on this scarf to make it alluring and stylish. Sevya’s Indian block print clothing and apparels are quite appreciable. The company also offers fair-trade scarves wholesale to the customers. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling collections of scarves from Sevya.

Scarves collections

Sheela Chiffon scarves

Our Sheela chiffon scarves are well-praised items to the fashion aficionados. These scarves are made from sustainable viscose chiffon. Though this chiffon material is very light as silk, still, it is quite robust like cotton. These scarves are a great fashion accessory in the sultry summer season because they give protection from the sun. You can easily carry them on any vacation. The naturally crumpled fabric gives these scarves a unique texture and makes them very stylish. You can wear these chiffon scarves in multiple ways.

· You can wear them as halter tops with a knot at the back.
· By using this scarf, you can make an off-shoulder or single shoulder top.
· You can also carelessly hang them around the neck to look stylish and fashionable.
· You can even wear it around the hip. This style of wearing creates a very distinct and feminine look and it is very popular on the beaches.

Laksha Block Print scarves

Our Laksha Block Print Scarves are anther top-selling items. These scarves are exclusively made in Rajasthan. These cotton (100 per cent pure cotton) scarves come with cotton tassels. The material is very soft and light, hence these scarves ideal to wear in the summer. These are also good transitional scarves which can be worn between the seasons. The bright and vibrant colours make these scarves more attractive and enchanting. You can use them as gift items. The uniqueness of each hand block printed scarf is quite appreciable and will you find no two scarves will ever be identical. These scarves offer the highest quality and are made to last. They are ideal day-to-day fashion accessories which you can wear with jeans or skirts. These block print scarves are more than just a piece of cloth, women love to wear them to enhance their look and style quotient. This block printed cotton scarf gives a touch of elegance to your regular attire.

Tamira Indigo scarves

Our new Tamira Indigo Scarves are block printed on soft viscose chiffon. These scarves are light and possess airy texture. These scarves are bestsellers and very popular all over the world. The deep indigo colour makes it a stylish denim-friendly accessory which you can wear in every season throughout the year. Whether you aim to be minimalist or to splash it up, this Indigo scarf allows you to accomplish much more.

Sevya is proud to be associated with the Fair-Trade Federation. We create job opportunities and work for the artisans across India so that they can earn a handsome amount to lead their lives decently.

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