6 Crane Mistakes That Most Of The Buyers Do

Crane is one of the most important industrial equipment. Every industry needs some sort of lifting equipment to handle heavy loads. From construction to manufacturing, a crane is an important part of most industrial applications. Choosing the right EOT crane includes several factors. There are a few mistakes that most of the buyers do and end up with a useless machine. According to an EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad ,these are a few mistakes that most of the buyers make.

Over Designed Building

Sometimes the design of the building where you will be keeping the machine is not suitable. The design of the building affects the movement of the crane and that’s why it is an important concern. If you are designing a new building, getting help from a manufacturer might save you from a bad design.

Setting Higher Requirements

Usually, the lack of performance of previous tools makes people set higher requirements. While thinking about the future and investing in over requirements is not always bad, sometimes you might end up feeling stuck.
A machine with larger capacity will require everything more and that might make you regret your decision.

Looking For The Heaviest Item

Now, we are all so obsessed with buying heavy and solid items that we almost forget the functionality. We believe that a metal item must be extremely heavy to be good enough.As a buyer, you need to understand that heaviest is not always the best.Modern cranes are made compact by reducing the size and number of parts.Reducing useless parts doesn’t reduce functionality, but it does reduce weight.Don’t buy the heaviest one because that might not be worth it.

Selecting The Wrong Crane

Setting your requirements clear is the only way to get out of this situation. If you don’t know how to choose the right one, you can follow our guide or call us for a detailed consultation. Choosing the right crane requires you to note down your needs. You need to choose the type of crane, capacity, and several other factors. If you are new and think you might make mistakes, we recommend spending some time knowing more about it all.If nothing suits you, you can also get your machine customized.

Not Understanding Crane Standards

If you think cheap and economic are the same things, you are not getting it right. We are not asking you to pick the most expensive one, but choosing the cheapest one is not a good idea either. The best thing you can do is look for all the features and quality of the crane parts. Check out every crucial requirement and every part of the crane.The best thing you can do is look for all the features and quality of the crane parts. Check out every crucial requirement and every part of the crane. IS, BS, DIN, JIS, (do you understand these terms?) are some of the terms. Check the design strength and other factors before you make a decision.

Not Asking Enough Questions

What services you will be provided with the crane is also an important question. What parts they will send you and what you need to purchase separately. Is there any installation or after-sales support available? What is the warranty period? What benefits I can seek in the warranty period? Are there any extra charges for site testing? If you don’t ask enough questions, you might end up with regrets. Clear all your doubts before proceeding. You are making a big investment, make it worth it. If you are new to the industry and it will be your first purchase, the chances of making such mistakes are higher. We recommend talking to a good EOT crane manufacturer in Gujarat to get proper guidance regarding modern cranes.

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