5 Trends in Node.js That One Did See In 2019

It is fascinating to see that almost all the IoT startups and fortune 500 companies prefer building their apps using Node.js.Now, all of this is indicating that this particular ecosystem is only going to grow. If you want to cut down on your costs, you should plan to partner with the best and affordable node js development company in India.

Luckily, so many companies in India know how to use build apps using it. Nevertheless, it would be best if you took the time to pick the best one from all the available options. You should never enter into a partnership with a company that is not up to the mark as they might not do an excellent job.

Here are the Node.js trends that were quite popular in 2019:

The Serverless Solution

Now, this is a solution, wherein people do not worry about the server at all. Maintenance of the servers is no more a task that people worry about at the end of the day. The team focuses a lot on the software and not the hardware.

A third party company takes all the issues related to the hardware, including malfunctions. These companies also give a guaranteed or assured service uptime. Validating an idea happens much faster when companies do opt for serverless. It is also the cheapest method to validate the concept that you have in your mind.

Node.js Orchestrators and Microservices

The best alternate for the serverless solution is microservices. The approach that you will enjoy when you pick this option is similar to that of serverless systems. Now, Node.js is used to write microservices. Using this approach, you can enhance the maintainability while eliminating the debt at the same time.

Here are some of the things you get to enjoy when you use a microservice pattern.

  • Various teams can work on a single application concurrently.
  • Reduce the scaling costs by permitting only certain parts in an app that takes the load to scale up individually as necessary.
  • Independent deployment is possible.
  • The application can be resilient and reusable.

You need an orchestrator to ensure that these things work effectively and efficiently. Using Kubernetes also helps in ensuring that Node.js is running smoothly without any hassles. Netflix is one of those apps that is using microservices. They are using more than 1000 different types to cater to almost 15% of their worldwide downstream volume.


If companies use GraphQL, they can lower their data over fetch at the same time, and your consumers that use your application are going to get what they want. Now, this is quite crucial because a lot of web traffic these days comes from a lot of different mobile devices.

You can also say that GraphQL is an excellent connector, as switching to modern technology from the legacy system is possible. Rewriting the whole product is not necessary when you are moving away from the legacy systems.

The Cloud Computing

A few of the solutions that we did mention above also fall into this category. But, there is a lot more than what you read here. Cloud computing allows your application to become software as a service (SaaS), content as a service, function as a service or platform as a service (AWS).

Here are the benefits you will get to enjoy:

  • Cost projection is smooth, and you can easily see the growth.
  • The system is entirely scalable — you do not have to reinvest in the hardware.

Web Application Provisioning in Real-Time

Applications that you build using Node.js performs well even when there is so much load put on it. Nowadays, a lot of applications require real-time communication that comes from instant communication applications, chatbots, personal assistants based on cloud, and so forth. Now, all these applications require backend processing and data serving platform. Node.js is the best solution to tackle all of these things.

But, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Node.js, you need to take the time to find the best company that is into node js development company in India. Now, finding a well-reputed company is not an easy task, but if you put in the effort, you can find it with ease. 

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