5 Tips To Improve Stage Presence In Public Speaking

It’s terrible when you have an important presentation coming up and you don’t feel confident. Confident stage presence plays an important role in the success of any presentation. No matter how much value your words can add, if you fail to engage with the listeners, everything will go in vain. Whether you are an actor or you just want to be confident while speaking in public, these tips from acting classes will help a lot.

Understand Your Audience
Why are you there? To speak to the people sitting before you, right? So, it should be all about them. Try to understand how they are responding to your words. Though it’s hard to maintain eye contact with audiences while speaking, you will get used to it after some moves. You are saying something and the audience will react to it. Now, you know how you want them to react and how they are reacting. Make things work the way you want by sending words that evoke the desired emotions.

Use Body Language
We all know that body language plays a crucial role in communication. Your expressions, gestures, and postures can be more engaging than words sometimes. Learn to use body language in public speaking. Mind the space between you and your audiences. You might have seen stand up comedians shift their positions. That actually works in enlarging presence. Make use of things present on stage to explain something closely.

Make Your Voice Expressive
Does your voice entirely express what your words are about? Take inspiration from daily life incidents. You sound different in different moods. The same you should do on stage. Your voice must be clear and expressive of what your mind wants to convey. Record your presentations and check what can be improved. Use vocal improvement tools to improve your voice when you are speaking in public. Try different genres to build that command and then you will be able to slay every presentation.

Grab The Attention Of Your Audience
There are two important things that drive a presentation. You and content. Don’t let yourself lose in content so deep that the audience could barely listen to you. You wanna talk to an empty room? Your audience doesn’t want to listen to a lost person. Grab the attention first. Students get bored of morning assembly over time and only a few of them listen to it carefully. But, when the principal says he/she has something important to share or there’s an important notice for students, he gets the maximum attention.

Be The Spotlight
Find the brightest spot and be the light of the dark stage. As a speaker or actor, you must know what finding might mean. Find the spot on the stage from where you are visible to the maximum audience. You are the central figure and you need to be capable of owning it with confidence.

Start practicing and you will soon master these skills. Be the star and rock the next presentation with confidence.

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