4 reasons that make corrugated the king of packaging

The modern day packaging industry is witnessing a huge demand – thanks to the incredible rise of the ecommerce industry. Whether it is for commercial or personal packing, there’s hardly any better option than corrugated boxes. The corrugated box manufacturers in Ahmedabad has seen how there is a huge ask for these kind of packing all across.

Getting confused between corrugated and cardboard?

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While they both the boxes look similar, they actually have different purpose because of their structural variance. A cardboard carton is made from heavy paper-pulp or thick paper stock but corrugated cartons have three layers – inner, outer and a fluted medium.

What makes corrugated the perfect choice for packaging?

It is recyclable, reusable and sustainable

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Did you know that corrugated boxes are one of the most recovered packaging material on earth because they are sourced from trees? Not just that they are sustainably produced but even the old recovered corrugated containers have a high recyclable value. around 90% over the last eight years corrugated boxes have been recovered and in 2018, the study showed that 96% of it has been reused. It is possible because the recovered fibre can be made into new boxes and also into various paper products. So, if you see any average corrugated box, know that almost 50% of it is made from recycled content.

Corrugated is great alternative to the plastic boxes because the latter can be recovered no more than 15% as compared to the 78 percent recovery rate for corrugated. The recycling of corrugated contributes to the low-impact fossil fuels usage and is directly beneficial for the environment. Also, old corrugated containers (OCCs) serve as an important resource to both paper mills and also for the new corrugated makers which is a significant revenue generator.
Adding to it is the durability and flexibility of the materials, which makes it a perfect choice for recycling. For instance, when you order something online, most likely you will get it in corrugated boxes. Keep the box away for storing or reusing.

It can maintain the products safely

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The most important thing you need to ensure when delivering any product that it must be safe and secured. There cannot be a worse situation when the customer would receive broken or damaged item. So, keeping in mind the brand value and image, a custom corrugated box is the safest option. Corrugated packaging also allows to place in some extra foam to keep the product safe and secured by making the package stronger and more efficient.

It is easy to customise

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Think of any packaging option and there wouldn’t be much options that can provide you with the scope to uniquely customize your packaging. It is wrong to think that sane size packaging options will work anymore. Be it for retail or e-commerce, you need to maintain your brand value and the ideal way to do it is through perfect packaging which is best possible with corrugated boxes.

It is easy to get printed

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You will need to incorporate graphics on the packages because the boxes, after all, will serve as the first impression for your customers. And, custom graphics is one of the best ways help draw attention for your customers. Whether you are planning digital print, litho labelling, direct print, or combined graphics, the corrugated boxes can be perfect. Offering a plethora of packing solutions, Canpac is a trusted name in providing relevant packaging solutions.

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