Top tenders with high demand in India

Top tenders with high demand in India

When it comes to business, government tenders have always fascinated Indian people because of the profit margin and work satisfaction. Though it is not easy to grab government tenders and successfully complete them, if you have a passion for your work and a good team to support you, you will end up making huge profits from government tenders.

BPCL tenders-

Bharat Petroleum is one of the leading distributors of petrol and diesel in our country and they have a huge infrastructure for this. They issue different tenders for different works all around the year and interested people can apply for it by filling their tenders and start working

IRCTC tenders-

IRCTC has been managing around 30-40% of work of the Indian Railways including Catering in stations and trains, tourism and e-ticketing through their websites. They require huge workforce to handle and support this which is why they issue tenders for works many times in the year

Legal tenders-

In order to make some extra money, new contractors often get involved in illegal tenders which ultimately lands them into trouble. Always make sure to sign and apply for legal government tenders so that you do not have to worry about the legal consequences.

Education tenders-

The scope of education work in India is increasing every day as the government is trying to push education to remote and rural areas. Government needs manpower for this and issuing various tenders almost every week in different parts of India for different work orders

Govt tenders-

Government tenders are extremely lucrative amongst contractors as payments get cleared on time and there is always a transparency maintained in allotment of the tenders. This makes more and more people showing interest in government tenders

Private building construction tenders-

People who are new in this business of building construction rigorously take up private building construction tenders in the beginning in order to improve their portfolio and enhance their experience so that they could take government tenders in future.

Building tenders-

Buildings are the main infrastructure of the government in India and a lot of manpower is required for the construction, renovation and demolition of government buildings which is why new tenders are being issued by the government to hire contractors for work completion.

Construction tenders-

The scope of construction in India will never vanish because ours is a developing country and the infrastructure is expanding drastically. People having experience in this field must sure apply for construction tenders as there are huge opportunities in it

Kerala tenders-

People from Kerala who are interested in taking tenders from the state can visit the websites of their respective districts or refer to local newspapers for the advertisements. Kerala is one of the rapidly developing states and has no shortage of tenders in various fields.

Railway tenders-

Railways issue tenders almost all around the year for its various development works and projects. Contractors have been working for years with the railways and making handsome profits with each project. Anyone can bid for the tenders provided they meet the eligibility criteria and work as contractors for the Indian Railways

Indian railways tenders-

Railways issues tenders for the construction of schools, roads, staff colonies and buildings, offices, maintenance of railway stations, coach attendants and lot many projects so there is a huge scope for contractors willing to work for the Indian Railways

NTPC tenders-

NTPC has been issuing tenders for various work orders for years now and many contractors, just like railways, are working continuously with them making handsome profits. NTPC is a government undertaking company so there are no issues in payment clearance and other formalities.

Private tenders-

Private tenders are the best to give a kick start to your career, to gain experience and to understand how things work in this industry. Private tenders are huge in numbers and you just need to update yourself to find and apply a suitable one for you

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