Top 10 Tender Information Companies in India

Top 10 Tender Information Companies in India

To Tender means to apply for a project or take over a bid to accomplish something. When we talk about filling tenders or tendering, we mean to take part in the open invitation of government and financial institutions for larger projects that need huge investment and the same has to be completed within the stipulated deadline. Tendering may also refer to a process where the shareholders submit their shares in response to any takeover offer.

For such tenders and projects, different companies have different procedures and protocols. Further, they have their own policies and processes to approve or reject a particular tender. Their processes are certified, thus, it calls for a genuine and transparent selection of a vendor. Hundreds of tenders are being floated every day in the market and it is very difficult for the vendors and the companies to track them. To ease their lives, there are tender information companies who help these vendors to get the right information about the tender and even help them in filling the same.

If you want to know the top 10 tender information companies in India, here are the details:

Tender Tiger

Tender Tiger is the No. 1 tender information company in the country. The team assures maximum verified business opportunities for you not only from India but from the whole world in the form of RFQ, Tenders, eAuction, Reverse Auction and more. Thousands of tenders are tracked from national and international dailies, business magazines on their website with the help of smart and intelligent crawlers.

Founded:- 2006
Services Offered:- Tender Information Services, Daily Tender Alert Services, Tender Analytics, Bid Consultancy, Digital Certificates, Partner Program, Exhibitions, Project Information
Key Clients:- Larsen & Turbo, ABB, Bluestar, ICICI Bank, Mahindra, NTC, Canon, DLF
Google Reviews:- 2 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad, New Delhi
Phone Number:- Sales: (+91)(79) 68135400, +91-9727773437, +91-8140401117
Support: (+91) 93745 19750

Tender 247

A company founded by and comprised of young, talented and experienced professionals, Tender 247 operates with an only aim to help startups and budding entrepreneurs to get the right bid for their business. When we are looking for the right tender for your company, Tender 247 has it secured for you already. Get the renewed perspective of hunting and filling the tender form. Reach out to them.

Services Offered:- Indian Tender, Global Tender, Tender Result, Value-added service, Joint Venture, Vendor Empanelment, Bid/Tender Consultancy
Key Clients:- First flight couriers ltd., NIIT, TATA, Woodland, Borosil
Google Reviews:- 15 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad
Phone Number:- 91 9512 247 247, +91 8000 263 450

Tenders Info

Euclid Infotech Ltd. owns Tenders Info and the former is the largest Public Procurement Support Services/Consulting Company in the country. They boast of having the largest database with respect to business news and contract information, national and international tenders, latest news from federal, state government, hospitals, schools, defence forces and so on. Currently, they are supporting some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Founder:- Kavita Shukla
Founded:- 2000
Services Offered:- Tender Notice Alerts, Projects & Procurement News, TendersInfo Research Archives, Key Account Manager Service, Personalised Customer Care, Webinars / Training, TenderTrends
Key Clients:- Crisil, Powergrid, Bombardier, Honeywell, Siemens, Godrej
Google Reviews:- 7 reviews
Locations:- Thane, New Delhi
Phone Number:- 91-22-6283 1200, +91-81041 27470 / +91 89289 31654

All Tenders

A unique web venture by Raceme Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., All Tenders is a leading tender information company of the country. All Tenders has all the technical as well as business information about handling large global procurement information even in real-time. They are tracking all the latest information and passing the same to the leading businesses.

Founded:- 2000
Services Offered:- Private Tenders, Archive Tenders, Tender Result, Trade Fairs, Free Tenders
Key Clients:- Indian oil, Sail, ONGC, SBI, GAIL, BHEL
Locations:- Thane, New Delhi
Phone Number:- 9313852989, 9355399771

Classic Tenders

Ranked at the 9th position by Google, Classic Tenders has finally made its place in the list of the top tender information companies of India. The company gathers tender information about the most relevant tenders from the government as well as private sectors. Their portal is updated with 1000+ tenders every day and the data is coming from 1600+ national and regional newspapers and 6000 websites.

Founder:- Amar Gupta
Services Offered:- Digital Signature Certificate, Tender Information Service, On-line Tender Bidding Support, Vendor Registration Services, Tender Result
Key Clients:- TATA, VIRTUE Certification Systems Pvt.Ltd., Cadila
Google Reviews:- 9 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad, Maharashtra
Phone Number:- Ahmedabad – +91 70168 64672, Maharashtra – +91 91737 56633


If you are looking forward to getting access to more than 1,00,000 tenders online, Tender Mines is the right destination for you. True to the name, Tender Mines is actually a deep and valuable mine to grab a tender perfect for your company. They have all kinds of tender information from government, private sectors and PSUs.

Founded:- 2013
Services Offered:– Indian Tender, Digital Signature Certificate, Tender Support, Tender Result
Key Clients:- Astral pipes, DTDC, Indian oil, RCSPL, LOHIA, Maruti Suzuki
Google Reviews:- 15 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad
Phone Number:- 91- 79-66118888 /77 / 66 /55 /33, +91- 7878007976, 91 9099090533 ,  Toll Free Number : 1800 3070 2232

Tender Detail

One of the most comprehensive websites for tender information comes from Tender Detail. The company has already closed 20,00,000+ government, private and PSU bidding projects and currently has more than 1,00,000 live tenders for all businesses. They scan hundreds of daily newspapers and business magazines to create a list of valuable tenders for corporates.

Founded:- 2011
Services Offered:- Indian Tenders, Global Tenders, Project, TenderResult
Key Clients:- Bhel, Bsnl, IOCL
Google Reviews:- 24 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad
Phone Number:- 91-79-6777 6666, 91-92270 38888

The Tenders

Established in the year 2008, The Tenders is an organization run by experienced and eminent personnel from the tender industry sprawling in the country. They provide accurate information about India and global tender awards, subcontracting details, and all the upcoming projects in the country and abroad. Along with filing the tenders, the businesses can participate in many allied activities like subcontracting, floating tenders, searching for various business opportunities, etc. under one roof.

Founded:- 2008
Services Offered:- Indian Tender Information, Global Tender Information,
Tender Result or Tender Award, Digital Signature Certificate, Business Analytics
Google Reviews:-19 reviews
Locations:- Ahmedabad
Email:- /
Phone Number:- 092760 83333, 092743 15555

Tender Asian

Tender Asian is known to provide one of the most reliable information on all the tenders floating in the market. They work on their aim to provide accurate and valuable information that helps people hit new business opportunities and grow. They are proficient in providing details of all state wise tenders, industrial tenders, government tenders and other category tenders from all across the country.

Founder:- Raiyan Shaikh
Services Offered:- Daily Mail Alert, Web Access, Advertise with us, Tender Hosting, Digital Signature Certificate
Key Clients:- Maruti Suzuki, Hindalco, Haldiram, Loyola college, Amway India
Locations:- Ahmedabad
Phone Number:- 91 6352189997 / +91 8866894949

Tender News

Tender News is the most reliable online resource for the Global Business Fraternity operating in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, who are looking for the most accurate tender information in the international market. They are offering the widest and the most affordable government, private and public sector undertaking.

Founded:- 2004
Services Offered:- Email Advertising, Tender Hosting Services, Banner Advertising, Market Survey Report
Key Clients:- Jindal, Oracle, PECMA, Reliance, Wipro, ABB, HCL
Locations:- New Delhi
Phone Number:- 91-9313638944, 9313367210, 91-11-66240039

This is a comprehensive list of top tender information companies and all of them are certified and reliable to seek help from. Reach out to any of them and win your tender over again.

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