The top 7 myths about handmade silk scarves

Handmade silk scarves are extremely appealing and very soft to touch that they are a hit with women of all age groups around the globe. These scarves are available in different colours, shades, patterns, and prices. Silk scarves can be worn in multifarious ways, you can either tie them in a knot or like a tie with both ends hanging down the front. These scarves are ideal to wear like a headscarf or headband. The ease and effortlessness with which you can wear these handmade silk scarves can’t be matched by any piece of garment. Indubitably, these scarves will add value to your wardrobe.

Though the popularity of silk scarves is increasing day by day, still, there are some myths that you may hear in the world of silk scarves. Let’s take a look at some popular myths about handmade silk scarves.


The uses of silk scarves are limited

Fact: Silk scarves are one of the handiest and versatile accessories that a woman could possibly have in her wardrobe. You can wear them around different parts of the body. Moreover, they can be tied in a multitude of different ways, like you can tie them in a knot or tie or you can wear them as headbands. These scarves are ideal to ornate other accessories like hats and bags. So, in one word, you can wear these silk scarves in multiple ways as per your style and wish.

Myth: 2

All silk scarves are square

Fact: A silk scarf comes in various shapes and sizes. This means you are free to choose precisely what you need to create a stunning look. You can pick up a square scarf to use around the neck. On the other hand, you may pick up a sarong (a longer and wider silk scarf) to use on the beach. Silk scarves offer various options and encourage you to pick up the best one as per your requirements.

Myth: 3

Silk scarves can’t keep you warm in winter

Fact: Silk is a popular material that is used as a lining for garments for many years. Silk not only offers an astonishing look but also has insulating properties. In reality, silk is one of the warmest fabrics in the world. During colder months, silk absorbs body heat and creates more insulation. So, silk scarves are apt for winter. To make everyone jealous in this winter season, purchase a pair of silk scarves.

Myth: 4

Handmade silk scarves carry printed designs

Fact: If you see handmade silk scarves that are advertised as hand-painted, then that is precisely what they are. Wax is used to create the borders of these stunning accessories and then the silk dyes are painted on with a brush.


Hand-painted silk scarves are expensive

Fact: Mostly 100% pure silk is used to make silk hand-painted scarves. Then, the painting process starts to make these scarves more attractive and appealing. Still, silk scarves are affordable as compared to other scarves. But some designer labelled scarves are a little expensive.  


Silk hand-painted scarves are not colour-fast

Fact: The process used to produce hand-painted silk scarves is lengthy and time-consuming. This process ends with a steaming process that not only extirpates the wax borders of the design but also sets the dyes. Before delivery, the scarf is washed properly and excess dye is removed. But the colour that remains is both strong and colour-fast.


Silk hand-painted scarves are difficult to take care of

Fact: You can easily take care of your hand-painted silk scarf. You just need to wash it with a mild soap solution. You may add vinegar to the penultimate rinse that not only neutralizes any soap still left in the item but vivifies the fabric and restores its natural shine. Once washing is completed, you need to roll your scarf up in a dry towel to remove any excess water. Now, keep it flat to dry and then iron on the reverse of the fabric.

These are the top 7 myths about handmade silk scarves.

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