Medicinal Properties Of Oil Of Wild Oregano

Medicinal Properties Of Oil Of Wild Oregano

Oil of oregano is the new popular superfood. The oil can be used for a variety of functions from cleaning, to cooking, to healing and a lot more. The extensive use of wild oregano oil Australia is all because of its amazing medicinal properties.
Oregano oil has scored all the good points as a herb. The oil of wild oregano can be used as a sanitiser, for cleaning purpose, to treat skin and bacterial infections, and for healing various pains and aches as well.
All these amazing properties of oregano oil comes from its components. Here are the medicinal properties of oregano oil according to its components.


Carvacrol is a monoterpenoid phenol as per its chemical properties. The phenol group is what gives it a pungent odour. The element is a cure for many ailments either used independently or in the oil itself.
The element is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic in nature. It has shown great results with even severe diseases like tumours as well. The element can heal a variety of bacterial infections and is quite effective in treating different aches and pains. For the best results, it is recommended to use certified organic oregano oil.


Thymol is also a monoterpenoid phenol. The element is antiseptic in nature and is loaded with antioxidants. Thus it helps in reducing the oxidation of lipids. According to a study on rats, the element helped reduce body weight as well. So, the weight loss properties of oil of oregano come from thymol.
Thymol in oil of oregano is also a key component in the treatment of allergic asthma. The element contributes to improved immunity and has a variety of other medicinal properties.


Terpenes is a type of hydrocarbon which makes an integral part of essential oils. The compound is responsible for the flavour and aroma of the oils which is extremely good in case of oil of oregano. While the strong aroma makes it possible to use the oil in diffuser and steamer for easy breathing, the amazing flavour makes it a part of so many dishes. The flavour makes it possible to consume it easily and take benefit of all the good properties.

Rosmarinic Acid

Another chemical compound that contributes to anti-inflammatory properties. The compound also helps in improving antioxidants when consumed.


Naringin is chemically known as flavonoid glycoside. The compound is responsible for the slightly bitter taste in the oil. The bitter taste also contributes to some amazing medicinal properties such as antioxidants, anticarcinogenic, and lowering blood lipid. The compound is thus helpful in protection of cancer and reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP)

It is also an important part of the essential oils and contributes to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in oils.

How to Consume Oil Of Oregano?

The oil of oregano has many benefits to offer. While the oil can be applied to the skin by mixing with some carrier oil, consuming it has always been difficult. The strong taste makes it hard to gulp it.
The oil of oregano is not safe to drink in its purest form. The oil must be diluted either in a carrier oil or some other drink. The easiest way to drink the oil of oregano is using oil of wild oregano capsules. The capsules have the right amount and consistency which makes it safe and easy to consume.

Finding the right oil of oregano capsules is as tough as consuming it. The solutions 4 health oil of wild oregano capsules are authentic and prepared with utmost care. You can also consult with our experts to get guidance regarding doses and frequency before starting taking the capsules.

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