Level switch for marine applications

Level switch for marine applications

Level switch for marine applications plays a pivotal role and helps your boat to run smoothly and competently. Sometimes, boat owners or enthusiasts purchase extra items like life jackets, a first aid dry box, and a machine that pumps out any water that gets accumulated into the bottom of the boat.

Boat owners are well aware of how monitoring any liquid levels in the bilge of the boat will help your boat moving and running professionally. In this context, an automatic bilge pump is installed into this hollow space below the waterline of your boat. An automatic bilge pump comes with a float switch that inevitably alerts or activates the pump if it detects any liquid in its path. The level sensor is then triggered when the water level reaches a predetermined level. But this is quite below the point at which it gives a threat to the vessel. When the sensor is triggered, it, in turn, activates the pump. Generally, the pump works with a small impeller at the bottom and it pushes the water through a vertical tube, up and over the side of the boat.

Another imperative feature of the automatic pump is that it also shuts off when the water level is quite low. This ensures that the pump motor won’t burn out or the boat’s onboard battery will remain on for no reason.

Mobrey float level switches provide strong and reliable level switching in most liquids. The magnetically coupled design offers reliable operation even when you need to operate it in extreme pressure and temperature. Measurements remain unaffected by changes in process temperature, dielectric, or the presence of vapours. There is a wide range of flanges, floats and switching outputs that will suit all types of liquid level application.

Mobrey S01D8/F84 Level Switch

Mobrey S01D8/F84 Level Switch
Maker : Mobrey
Type : Level Switch
Model : S01D8/F84
P/N : 1622
Condition : New & Tested

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