organic cotton clothing

Introducing organic essentials: organic cotton clothing

Over the past few years, there is an upsurge in the demand for organic cotton clothing. Organic cotton clothing is made up of pure cotton which is not treated or dyed with chemicals. Organic cotton clothing is ideal for any season and by wearing this clothing, you will get super comfort and durability. Organic cotton clothing has a plethora of advantages over other clothing and they are especially ideal for babies and new mothers.

Sevya has an astonishing reputation in the field of Indian clothing. Sevya offers its customers a wide range of organic cotton dresses, cotton kimono robes, dressing gowns, and many more.

Taraka organic cotton dress:

Sevya introduces its Taraka organic cotton dress to satisfy the needs of the women who want 100% pure cotton attire for themselves. This pure cotton dress is perfect for any season and shows the muslin cotton weave design stunningly.

These fair-trade organic cotton dresses are one-size-fits-most and are designed for a comfortable and stylish look. This dress comes with pockets and a removable belt. You can style this item in various ways and the two layers of soft organic cotton make this dress the perfect wear for most seasons and occasions. This dress possesses a Nehru collar of comes with mother of pearl buttons. This free size dress has an asymmetrical hemline and is available up to XXL. The fabric is very soft and light-weighted and thus, you can wear it throughout the year.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of organic cotton clothing.

· Breathability: The natural cotton fabric provides better circulation and thus, it controls the body’s moisture. Since there is no moisture development between the clothing and the skin, hence, wearer gets the ultimate comfort with this type of clothing. This clothing is an amazing choice during the scorching heat of the summer season.
· Insulation: Apart from being breathable, organic cotton clothing offers insulation during the chilly winter season. This type of material keeps the wet and cold out, thus, the wearer feels warmer and comfortable in the winter season. The fabric can trap air between the fibres and thus, it offers insulation and comfort to the wearer. You can use these cotton clothes for layering in colder temperatures.
· Durability: This is another prime advantage of organic cotton clothing. Because of its high tensile strength, it is quite durable and strong. Since it is made up of pure cotton, you can’t tear it easily. Moreover, it can withstand washing even you use hot water. So, you can wear these organic cotton clothing items for years without compromising the looks and feel.
· Versatility: These organic cotton clothing dresses are quite versatile and will accentuate your look if you pair them up with jeans or leggings. The fabric is easy to wash and dry fast. This means they are the perfect choice for wash-and-wear clothes. The strength of the cotton fibre is very high and that’s why it can withstand any situation.
· Comfort: since this clothing is made up of pure organic cotton, hence you can stretch it easily. That’s why you can comfortably wear them throughout the year. The softness coupled with the breathable nature of the fabric will give you the highest comfort.

These are some reasons behind the popularity of cotton organic clothing among fashion aficionados.

Sevya is a proud member of the Fair-Trade Federation and the making of these organic clothing garments provides a comfortable livelihood to artisans in India. If you search indian cotton tunic tops online, you will certainly get Sevya’s name on the top of the list. To know more about Sevya and its products, you must visit the website of the company.

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