How to make a sulphur spray for pesticides?

The sulphur spray is a common yet effective fungicide as well as insecticidal spray. If you mix sulphur spray properly, then it doesn’t cause any harm to your plants and you. But always follow the safety instructions and warnings when you purchase sulphur spray from reputed sulphur manufacturers in India.

Sulphur spray for plants

The sulphur spray is less toxic as compared to other available pesticide options. Though sulphur is non-toxic to humans and animals, sometimes, it may cause a little irritation to the skin and eyes. Don’t apply sulphur spray if the temperature goes beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit, as it can damage the plant’s foliage. The markets are crammed with various sulphur products, like sulphur WDG 80 to control insects in your garden. Sulphur comes in either powder, liquid, paste, or dust form. You can choose the best one for treating your plants.

How to make a sulphur spray

While preparing sulphur spray, you need to mix the sulphur with water in the amounts mentioned on the product label. Depending on the sulphur products that you have chosen and the type of plant you are treating, the specifications may vary.

The sulphur fungicide formula for sulphur/pyrethrin/fungicide/insecticide is 5 fluid ounces of the product in 1 gallon of water. Properly mix the solution before applying. If your bucket has a lid, you can also shake the solution to mix it.

If you are using sulphur dust, then mix 4 tablespoons of sulphur in 1 gallon of water. Once the solution is properly mixed, pour it into a hand sprayer, and then spray your plants. Repeat the procedure as per the recommendation mentioned on the product label.

Safety tips while spraying

·        Don’t use sulphur spray on stormy days as sulphur may enter your eyes and skin.

·        If the sulphur comes in contact with your skin/clothing, remove your clothes as soon as possible. Wash your skin for at least 15-20 minutes.

·        If sulphur spray enters into your eyes, rinse your eyes for at least 15-20 minutes.

·        Remove contact lenses before spraying

·        If you inhale or ingest the sulphur, get in touch with your physician for treatment.

·        Sulphur products are pernicious to aquatic animals. So, don’t spray surplus amounts that may run off into nearby ponds.

·        Don’t forget to check the product label for additional safety and warning instructions.

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