Getting familiar with cyber insurance for first-time buyers

To sustain in this fiercely competitive arena, every business needs a strong online presence. While this has a plethora of advantages, the disadvantage is vulnerability to hacking and cyber breaches. Over the past few years, the number and severity of data breaches are increasing rapidly, companies are realizing that they need cyber insurance in Adelaide to protect their financial security. These companies are not only willing to buy cyber liability insurance for themselves, but they are also opting these kinds of insurances (have coverage) for the third parties with whom they used to work.

But many companies including SMEs are purchasing cyber insurance coverage for the first-time. Hence, they may not have adequate knowledge regarding cybersecurity insurance in Australia. Here, we are mentioning some common questions and their answers for first-time buyers.

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance is a tailor-made product which offers complete Insurance cover for liability and expenses which a company may experience. Many insurers welcome businesses with this kind of product so that they can get rid of the losses and can run all the business operations smoothly.

What do cyber insurance policies cover?

Cyber insurance gives protection against various cyber risks and helps organizations recover their cyber losses. There are eight areas of coverage that every business should know before purchasing cyber insurance.

·        Public relations expense.

·        Replacement or refurbishment of electronic data.

·        Website publishing liability or media liability.

·        Security breach expense.

·        Business income and extra expense.

·        Programming E&O liability.

·        ‍Extortion threats.

·        A data breach or security breach liability.

Why do you need cyber insurance for your contract?

A plethora of statistics has claimed that nearly 55% of small and medium businesses used to purchase cyber insurance because of their contractual requirements. This is because most of the big companies hesitate to share sensitive information or imperative customers’ data with small vendors who don’t have cyber insurance.

Treat your cybersecurity like your digital home

If your home catches fire because of frayed wire (a fire hazard), you are not eligible for a homeowner or rental insurance. Your cyber insurance policy impedes coverage if you are unable to maintain adequate security practices. The coverage litigation defines them as protections including encryption, firewalls and other basic controls. If you want to get coverage for data breaches and leakages, make sure that you meticulously monitor all the parameters.

Be careful while who is entering your digital home

If your friend slips down in your house because you didn’t fix your stairs properly, then you are not eligible for home insurance because you are responsible for this accident.

Similarly, you need to protect access to sensitive data. Sometimes, it has found that contractors have more access to data beyond their need and requirement. If any breach happens while sharing the information outside of your organization, then you are responsible for that breach.

For an organization, every user should only have the minimum amount of access to data which is necessary for their jobs. If you give them unlimited access, then you are putting your organization at high risk of data breaches. Whenever you want to claim cyber insurance, companies need to ensure that they diligently monitor their cyber parameters.

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