Folding Carton Packaging Design: How Working Together Makes for a Better Package

A study found out that more than 73 % of millennial buyers are ready to invest more if it means they are getting it from a brand that is socially conscious. The commitment towards sustainable packaging solutions is getting higher and with Canpac as one of the top folding carton manufacturers, you can be assured that your packaging solutions are taken care of. Whether you require packaging for in-store purchase or for E-Commerce delivery, the cartons should be the first face of representation for your brand. From the top folding carton manufacturers in Ahmedabad, you can have casing and packaging done with creative solutions that can make your brand stand out from the rest.

Making your box different than others

  • A good display for packaging box should have the following qualities –
  • Properly shield your item inside it
  • Must have the quality to reuse purposefully
  • Have a proper print with text and graphics that tells you about the product inside
  • Can be easily handled, placed and stacked
  • Represent your brand

Folding curtains are in high demand; specially as in-store boxes, they need to come in a variety of styles and shapes so that they can be easily customised and be placed in the shelves. To create designer boxes, it is necessary that you have proper folding carton boxes. However creating right packaging requires a lot of planning, designing, testing and constant revision. This means it calls for the collaboration of a number of expert minds including the creative designers to the brand managers and the packaging suppliers. Unfortunately there are times when companies believe that the entire process is achievable independently. However, that causes a lot of pitfalls. From ideation to execution there has to be proper collaboration in each stage to make the custom printed folding cartons perfect.


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The very first stage is to have a proper concept of how the final packaging will be. Here the branding managers must properly speak about the specifications so that the design team can create a structure that has the necessary attributes. It includes the points like products dimensions, special considerations such as fragility, concept of primary packaging, specific design elements like seals of approval or ingredients, list other particular packaging elements like windowing. The top folding carton manufacturers will have a team who can design with minimal packaging errors and also provide alternatives if it is a challenging package.


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In the creative design, it is crucial that the branding team should collaborate with the packaging engineers. It will form the actual structure and follow the proposed design that can convey the branding elements. If you have the designers and engineers together it will be possible to find out if the following points are properly taken care of such as-

  • Press capacity
  • Dielines accuracy
  • Substrate or coating print requirements
  • Effects of post press

By working hand in hand with the packaging suppliers as well as the designers and print experts, it will be possible to create a viable custom printed folding carton.

Printing and finishing


In the last stage of packaging, you need to collaborate with everyone in the team. From designers, brand managers to the packaging suppliers. It is important to identify if there is any issue with the colour and the overall quality of the print so that if there are any amendments required, it can be done immediately before going for manufacturing. It is important to check if the custom printed folding cartons have the structural elements as required. This includes proper colour targets as per the branding requirement, desired press effect, desired finishing look, substrate of choice. For any industrial work that involves a lot of segments in the production, it is important to have open lines of communication so that even though there is overlapping of vision the final delivery is in sync with the actual idea. Canpac is one of the most trusted names in creating custom printed packaging solutions. The team works through continuous innovation and development to keep up the standard of Indian packaging solutions.

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