Different Types of packaging materials

Packaging materials play a very important role for any product owner as it is the first thing that a customer interacts with and it gives them the idea of the product inside. One of the most important reasons why the packaging material must be of a good quality is to secure your products throughout the transportation and even when they are in the warehouse. After consulting with the Packaging material supplier, you must select a material that is durable, resistant to harsh and different weather conditions, compliant with the law and fits in your budget. There are different types of packaging materials available with the manufacturer and you have to make the choice based on your requirements. We will see different types of packaging materials in this article.

  1. Courier bags

The products once shipped have to travel long distances from states to states and sometimes from one country to another as well so the courier bags are there to secure your products and keep them safe through all wear and tear during the transportation. These come handy when your products are delicate and semi-fragile. They come in a wide range and you can choose what best suits your requirements 

  1. Plastic pouches 

Plastic pouches or envelopes come handy when you want to protect your products from tampering due to harsh weather conditions or human intervention. Thes envelopes are suitable to transport small and light packages and very well secure your products. They are available in different sizes and you can select them according to your requirements. They come in transparent variant as well which can be used to showcase your brand

  1. Bubble envelopes

Bubble envelopes, as the name suggests are the envelopes with bubbles inside them to give your products the extra safety they need. These are extremely useful if you are shipping a semi-fragile product like glasswares and keeps them protected throughout the transportation journey. Self seal bubble bags and screen printed bubble bags are some of the variants you could choose from.

  1. Bubble Padded Envelopes

These bubble padded envelopes give extra safety to your fragile and delicate products with the support of the soft bubbles given inside the bags. Once shipped, you do not have to worry about the safety of your products as these bags are good enough to secure your products until they are delivered to the destination.

  1. Packaging tapes

Packaging tapes are one of the most important and useful packaging materials available with all the packaging solutions you find. These are used to safely seal the packaging after the products are kept inside the boxes. When the packages are sealed through tapes, the chances of tampering becomes almost negligible.

  1. Corrugated box

Corrugated cartons and boxes are utilised in the transportation of online purchases and are extremely useful in the e-commerce business. These boxes are built from white, brown, and black sheet paper, so you may pick your favourite colour. Fragile items such as wine and trays may be wrapped and transported safely using as the boxes have protectors fibreboard.

  1. Plastic carry bags

Plastic carry bags have been used across the world for carrying different things as they are extremely safe and easy to use and this is the reason why they have become an ideal packaging material for retail business, promotions and for showcasing the brands. These are not used in transportation of goods but are the best for local events

  1. D-cut carry bags

The major difference between D-cut carry bags and plastic ones is that the former is designed to carry medium to heavy weight products. Other than that, they are used mostly for similar purpose.

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