Different levels of packaging, their functions and importance

Packaging has become one of the most vital components of the ecommerce industry since a decade now and business owners have started to realise its value and have started spending a considerable budget on it. Customers have the interaction with packaging of the product first before the product itself so they want the packaging to be neat, attractive and beautiful which is why packaging solutions are trying their best to design attractive packaging options for the ecommerce business. Packaging is something that is considered to be a silent salesman as attractive packaging endorses the product itself silently.

Packaging when done with proper branding enhances your brand value and your brand becomes popular to people who are not even your customers yet as your old customers are happy and satisfied and tell other people about it. This helps you to gain customers and popularity in the market keeping you ahead of your market competitors. 

Different levels of Packaging

A packaging material supplier will design different types of packaging material based on the requirements of the business and the packaging will be done in the warehouse. There are different levels of packaging done in the industry and we will be discussing in brief about each of them

  1. Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is something that is in direct contact with the product that has been packed. It is the first level of packaging that usually comes from the manufacturer itself and is used to protect the product and mention all the details of the products i.e its usage, ingredients, price and other required and relevant details. There are different types of primary packaging as well and the type of primary packaging used depends on the product you are selling. In the food industry the primary packaging of a coffee pack might be the primary packaging that is in first contact with the coffee beans. 

Packaging has to be legally compliant specially in the food industry in order to protect consumers which is why a lot of things are considered while designing packaging materials for food and beverages. Anything goes wrong with the primary packaging and the manufacturer would be in legal trouble. 

  1. Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is almost similar to primary packaging with the difference of designing and the purpose. It again has different uses depending on the nature of the product and the secondary packaging can be defined in different ways depending upon how you want to use it. The shipping box that is used for packaging your product could be the secondary packaging. There are similar products of different companies kept on a shelf together in a shopping mall or a grocery store and each one looks different from the other though all work the same. 

Secondary packaging is something that creates difference amongst the looks of these similar products and attracts customers. Proper branding with attractive fonts and fancy colors on the secondary packaging increases your sales which is important in this marketplace where people are trying their best to survive in such a cut-throat competition.

  1. Tertiary Packaging

All the levels of packaging are related to each other directly or indirectly and tertiary packaging is usually the shipping box that is used to protect your secondary packaging. These are not-so attractive boxes but are the best to protect your goods while they are being transported from one place to another and kept in warehouses for weeks sometimes. Tertiary packaging usually contains shipment details and address of the destination it has to be delivered to. Tertiary packaging is the one big box that contains your actual product box.

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