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Environmental & Economic Impacts of Compressing RNG for use as CNG Vehicle Fuel

Compressing RNG in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicle fuel

  Biogas can have impurities removed and upgraded to render it suitable for use as a vehicle fuel. This analysis examines the environmental and economic costs associated with cleaning, upgrading, and compressing RNG for use as compressed natural gas (CNG) used to power vehicles, using a Unisons Solutions biogas CNG (BioCNG) upgrading system and fueling […]

Upgrading Biogas for Pipeline Injection: What are the Environmental and Economic Costs?

Biogas upgrading allows for pipeline injection.

  Biogas can be cleaned to improve the quality, and once upgraded, it can be injected into a natural gas pipeline. In order for the raw biogas to meet quality standards required by pipeline operators contaminants such as sulfur, siloxane, and water vapor need to be removed. The methane component is then separated from the […]

Evaluating the Economic & Environmental Impacts of Biogas Management Technologies

An overview of the different biogas management technologies currently available, which will be analyzed individually in terms of their environmental and economic costs in future articles.

RNG Policies and Incentives that Relate to Environmental and Sustainability  Goals

Switching to RNG can help companies reach their corporate sustainability goals.

While incentives and policies that promote the use of renewable natural gas for thermal applications by end-users are currently limited, some local and state voluntary programs are beginning to emerge. Additionally, the demand for renewable natural gas is increasing as companies strive to meet their corporate sustainability goals, including reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse […]

Renewable Natural Gas Incentives and Policies for Pipeline Injection

Renewable natural gas incentives can help offset pipeline interconnection costs

A change in policy that can help RNG project developers overcome some of the common challenges faced when new projects are being developed is the introduction of incentives for pipeline interconnection together with clear quality guidelines required for biogas that will be injected into a natural gas pipeline. Renewable natural gas incentives applicable for pipeline […]