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Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Renewable Gas Projects

What we are seeing regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Landfill and BioGas Projects Living a more sustainable existence is what we should all strive for; reducing our consumption, especially of disposable items and luxury goods that we don’t really need but just buy to keep up with the latest trends. Not to mention all […]

Monitoring the Biogas Production Process

Biogas production process

One of the benefits of using livestock waste in the biogas production process is that, compared to waste used in municipal sewage digesters, it has a relatively uniform composition. Consequently, upsets are uncommon once the digestion process is underway and has stabilized. If the digestion process is correctly managed, things are likely to run smoothly […]

Biogas Digester Design & Construction 

Biogas Digester Design & Construction

Digester Design One of the most critical elements of digester design, and the first thing to consider when planning to install a biogester, is your size requirements. The amount of waste that will be digested, and whether or not this will need to be diluted, will determine the size of the digester needed. The amount […]

Methane Generation From Farm Waste

On-site methane generation from livestock waste

Lets face it, farm animals generate a ton of waste — waste that could in fact be recycled to produce energy and fertilizer, offering a second stream of income to a struggling farming enterprize. In the following series of articles we will explore how methane is generated; discuss the design —  and some of the associated […]

Efficient Biogas Production: Maximizing Profits, Eliminating Waste

Efficient biogas production minimizes waste, maximizes profit

A chemical engineer from Canada has developed a product that is able to transform biogas waste residue into fertilizer. According to developer, Andrew White, the Sulfa Char system he has developed not only gets rid of chemical waste that is generated in the biogas production process, it also increases profitability for the biogas plant and […]