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Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Sludge: A Primer

Anaerobic digesters at Black River wastewater treatment plant

Anaerobic digestion is the most commonly used method of wastewater sludge treatment, where the primary aim is to break down the sludge in order to minimize the volume that is left for disposal. During this process the organic matter is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria in an oxygen-free environment, producing carbon dioxide and methane gases and […]

Industrial Wastewater Evaporators Reduce Hazards Associated With Wastewater Storage

industrial wastewater evaporators

The recent dam break at a BHP Billiton owned iron ore mine in Brazil, which resulted in fatalities, highlights the hazards of storing large volumes of industrial wastewater while it is undergoing treatment. However, industrial wastewater treatment equipment that is specifically designed to reduce the hazards associated with storing industrial wastewater is available on the […]