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Diamond Scientific provides TDL-500 Portable Lazer Diode Methane Detector. The TDL-500 portable laser equipment for methane monitoring.

Controlling Landfill Emissions Guidelines (Part 2)

Controlling landfill emissions

Summary of Proposed Updates to the Landfill Emission Guidelines for Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Amendments to Landfill Emissions Thresholds The EPA is proposing to amend the emissions threshold that would require a landfill to install a landfill gas (LFG) collection and control system. For both active and new landfills, this would effectively reduce the […]

Methane Migration from Abandoned Fracking Sites Significant

Methane migration at fracking sites

The EPA has recently proposed controversial new regulations that place limitations on the amount of methane released during hydrofracking operations. Now a study conducted by researchers from the University of Vermont has revealed that methane from fracking sites can migrate through disused wells and escape to the atmosphere undetected. As these sites are no longer […]

Reducing Landfill Safety Risks

Landfill safety risks

  Landfills can emit unpleasant odors as well as landfill gas, which can migrate through soil and accumulate in nearby buildings. Some of the more hazardous gases produced within landfills include, methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia and sulfides. While hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are the main culprits in terms of bad odors being emitted from landfills, […]

Landfill Methanogenesis: Changing the Rate of Landfill Methane Production

Landfill methane production

Landfill gas consists largely of methane, a gas that is formed within landfills as a result of methanogenesis that occurs during the decomposition of organic waste. Methanogenesis can be defined as either: 1) “Bacterial conversion of methanogenic substrates [acetate, formats, hydrogen, carbon dioxide] into methane and carbon dioxide” (Leverenz et al, 2002); or 2) “The […]

A Methane Gas Detector Can Reduce Environmental Risks Associated with Gas Leaks from Shale Gas Operations

A methane gas detector can reduce environmental risks associated with natural gas extraction

Methane Leaks from Barnett Shale Gas Wells Raise Environmental Concerns A recent study conducted by scientists from the University of Houston has shown that methane leaks from gas drilling wells, compressor stations and natural gas processing plants located in the Barnett Shale formation is much higher than previously thought. This could potentially offset any climate […]