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RNG Policies and Incentives that Relate to Environmental and Sustainability  Goals

Switching to RNG can help companies reach their corporate sustainability goals.

While incentives and policies that promote the use of renewable natural gas for thermal applications by end-users are currently limited, some local and state voluntary programs are beginning to emerge. Additionally, the demand for renewable natural gas is increasing as companies strive to meet their corporate sustainability goals, including reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse […]

The Upcycle: Designing for Ultimate Sustainability and Abundance

The Upcycle advocates creating materials and products that can be reused endlessly such as the steel used to produce the shipping containers used in these upcycled shipping container apartments.

In the thought provoking book, The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability — Designing for Abundance, authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart propose that if we wish to become truly sustainable, we need to completely rethink the way we design materials, and that we should look to nature for inspiration on how to accomplish this. In natural systems, […]

Regenerative Land Management: Can We Raise Carbon Neutral Cows?

Farming cattle is generally associated with a large carbon footprint. Studies suggest that Americans need to cut back meat consumption by 90% and milk consumption by 60% in order to meet global warming targets. But can we turn this around by effectively getting cattle to sequester carbon into the soil by implementing regenerative land management practices? […]

What’s so good about landfills? pt 1

The average elevation above sea level in Florida is around 6 feet. That means, averaging at 300 feet, the local landfill is likely the highest point around any city in the Sunshine State. You might know landfills as the stinky trash mountains adjacent to the interstate. They are the final destination for the stinky garbage […]

Aging Water Infrastructure Threatens Drinking Water Quality

Aging Water Infrastructure Threatens Drinking Water Quality

Aging water infrastructure is causing water quality issues in many communities across the country, and in some cases even causing the taps to run dry. Turning on the tap to fill up a glass with clean drinking water is something most of us take for granted. Yet, for many communities across the USA, this is […]