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EPA Takes Steps to Reduce Methane Emissions from Landfills

Capturing methane emissions from landfills key to reducing climate warming

Early this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency implemented a rule introduced in 2016 by the Obama administration that lowers the threshold at which landfills are required to install methane collection systems. The implementation of the rule will require an additional 93 landfills across the country to install landfill gas collection systems and will help to curb […]

When Capturing Methane from Landfills, Efficiency is Key

Capturing methane emissions from landfills key to reducing climate warming

Methane from landfills is one of the top three human sources of this potent greenhouse gas. Capturing methane produced by rotting waste on a landfill could help slow climate change. Yet this is not necessarily a simple task. It involves installing a complex network of gas collection pipes and wells, which need to be constantly […]

Aerial observation of landfills pinpoint methane ‘super emitters’

Methane-sensing satellites will be used to pinpoint methane super emitters.

  Methane-sensing satellites will be used to identify landfills that emit large amounts of methane in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions from these sources. Landfills have been acknowledged as one of the largest anthropogenic contributors of climate-warming methane to the atmosphere. However, aerial monitoring conducted by airplane flights and orbiting satellites could provide […]

Three of the highest methane-emitting landfills located in central Florida

Methane-emitting landfills a key source of methane to the atmosphere.

  The highest point of Orlando’s Orange County landfill is 140 feet high. When one stands on top of this mountain of refuse, you look down on the city of Orlando, including its high-rise buildings and the runways of the Orlando International Airport. The cooling towers of Stanton Energy Center —  which provides power to […]

Methane Emissions from Trash Fuel Climate Warming

Methane emissions from landfills contribute to climate warming.

  Did you know that your trash that ends up on a landfill not only has an environmental impact but also has a huge impact on climate, and not in a good way. Everything we use in our day-to-day lives typically ends up in landfills once it has served its useful life. The final resting […]