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Is Explosion Proof Video Inspection Required for Monitoring Leachate Lines?

Benefits of a GEM5000 Landfill Gas Analyzer

To ensure the safety of both workers on landfill sites and the safety of the surrounding community, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections of leachate lines, typically every two years. A method that is commonly used for monitoring leachate lines is video inspection, and a question that is frequently asked is ‘should these video inspections be […]

Methane from Manure: Could Farms be Power Plants of the Future

Methane from manure biogas projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Livestock farms could provide an abundant supply of renewable energy through methane from manure projects. Farm manure, already widely used in biogas projects, could provide a  readily available and renewable source of energy that would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for global warming and climate change. When manure and other organic matter breaks down, […]

Combustion 101

Combustion of coal

Combustion is the process whereby a fuel is burned in the presence of oxygen to produce energy. The process requires a fuel, air and an ignition source (spark/flame), and results in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen oxide, water vapor, and in the case of oil systems, smoke being released into the atmosphere […]

How to Connect a Gas Analyzer to iPhone via Bluetooth

How to Connect a Gas Analyzer to iPhone via Bluetooth

The Optima 7 is a powerful handheld Bio gas analyzer that can be used to measure seven different biogas and flue gas components simultaneously, or used as a portable biogas analyzer or methane gas detector. Data can be downloaded via mini-usb cable to a PC, or to an iPhone or Android device via bluetooth.   […]