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The Upcycle: Designing for Ultimate Sustainability and Abundance

The Upcycle advocates creating materials and products that can be reused endlessly such as the steel used to produce the shipping containers used in these upcycled shipping container apartments.

In the thought provoking book, The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability — Designing for Abundance, authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart propose that if we wish to become truly sustainable, we need to completely rethink the way we design materials, and that we should look to nature for inspiration on how to accomplish this. In natural systems, […]

Switching to RNG Improves Local Air Quality

RNG Vehicles Improve Local Air Quality

Substituting conventional fossil-fuels such as gasoline and diesel with vehicle fuels derived from renewable natural gas has several environmental benefits, including reducing the emission of atmospheric pollutants, which in turn improves local air quality. Since renewable natural gas (RNG) combusts in the same manner as fossil-based natural gas, pipeline operators do not distinguish between these […]

Rollback of Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations Threatens Future Generations

Having stringent Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations is important for preventing environmental carnage.

The US government is planning to overhaul 50 year old environmental impact assessment regulations that will allow for the construction of major infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines across the country, which will in effect reverse efforts to combat climate change. Donald Trump recently announced new changes to the National Environmental Policy Act regulations […]

Decluttering Earth’s Orbit: Space Garbage…Sign Me Up For Space Trash Job!

Elon Musk's Tesla another target for space cleanup operators?

  Space may seem like a vast empty void of, well, space, but there’s much more out there than what meets the eye. Besides the stars and planets, there is also a lot of man-made junk floating around up there. Thousands upon thousands of pieces of obsolete junk circle around the Earth at speeds reaching […]

Potential Dangers of PFAS Chemicals in Waste Products

PFAS chemicals in biosolids can contaminate food products

Levels of chemicals and other pollutants in drinking water are monitored to ensure they do not pose a health risk to humans. Now health regulators warn that food can also be a source of exposure to toxic chemicals, with emerging contaminants such as PFAS chemicals showing up in agricultural produce destined for our tables. A […]