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Diamond Scientific provides Education about Backpack Soil Lab: A Portable Soil Quality Test Kit for Teachers & Students.

What’s so good about landfills? pt 1

The average elevation above sea level in Florida is around 6 feet. That means, averaging at 300 feet, the local landfill is likely the highest point around any city in the Sunshine State. You might know landfills as the stinky trash mountains adjacent to the interstate. They are the final destination for the stinky garbage […]

Is recycling dead?

Your aluminum cans and empty peanut butter jars make it to the blue bin. If you’re a boomer and still read the newspaper, your daily serving of overpriced corporate garba…err, “media” makes its way to the blue bin as well. You put your paper and plastics into the magical blue bin that will surely save […]

Greening Cities Can Help Save Bees

Wild bee populations have been declining all across the world, largely due to increased use of pesticides and habitat destruction. This is not only bad news for bees, but because they play a vital role in pollination of food crops, is very worrying indeed. But Amsterdam seems to have found a simple, yet effective, solution, […]

Hands-on Learning with the Backpack Lab Marine Science Education Test Kit

Marine Science Education Fieldwork

Marine science education is a popular choice amongst students, who can either venture into marine biology or oceanography, depending on their long-term goals. But no matter what discipline of marine science they follow, understanding the chemistry and quality of seawater is key to understanding the marine environment and how this effects the organisms that live […]

Backpack Soil Lab: A Portable Soil Quality Test Kit for Teachers & Students

Soil Quality Test Kit to learn more about soil properties

No matter whether you are an educator that would like to teach students how to conduct soil quality tests to determine the properties of soil, an environmental science student, or a hobby gardener that needs to learn the basics of soil science, the HANNA Backpack Soil Quality Test Kit is just what you need. This […]