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Climate Change Policies Could Impact Global Stock Markets

New climate change policies could impact global stock market

New climate change policies that are being introduced globally to combat climate warming, for example banning the use of internal combustion engines that run on fossil fuels, could significantly reduce the value of companies globally by as much as US$2.3 trillion, according to a report that was recently released by Principles for Responsible Investment. The […]

Is recycling dead?

Your aluminum cans and empty peanut butter jars make it to the blue bin. If you’re a boomer and still read the newspaper, your daily serving of overpriced corporate garba…err, “media” makes its way to the blue bin as well. You put your paper and plastics into the magical blue bin that will surely save […]

Future Sea Level Rise Projected to be Double that of Previous Estimates

Melting ice sheets contribute to future sea level rise

Rising sea levels pose a serious threat to coastal ecosystems and communities living in coastal areas all around the world. Yet, in order to accurately project future sea level rise (SLR) one first needs to accurately project the contribution of melting ice sheets, which is challenging using conventional modeling methods. Climate change adaptation strategies that […]

Gases Responsible for Climate Warming at Record High Concentrations

Concentrations of the key atmospheric gases responsible for driving up climate warming reached a record high in 2017, according the the World Meterological Organization’s annual greenhouse gas report, which also indicates that there is no sign that this rising trend is likely to be reversed anytime soon. In 2017, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels topped 405 […]