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RNG Policies and Incentives that Relate to Environmental and Sustainability  Goals

Switching to RNG can help companies reach their corporate sustainability goals.

While incentives and policies that promote the use of renewable natural gas for thermal applications by end-users are currently limited, some local and state voluntary programs are beginning to emerge. Additionally, the demand for renewable natural gas is increasing as companies strive to meet their corporate sustainability goals, including reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse […]

Policies and Incentives for Converting Renewable Natural Gas to Electricity

Renewable natural gas to energy project on farm

While the price of electricity is currently relatively low and is expected to stay that way in the foreseeable future, some renewable portfolio standard (RPS) programs issue renewable energy certificates that promote the use of renewable natural gas derived from biogas for use as a source of renewable energy. Let’s look at the current gas […]

Climate Change Policies Could Impact Global Stock Markets

New climate change policies could impact global stock market

New climate change policies that are being introduced globally to combat climate warming, for example banning the use of internal combustion engines that run on fossil fuels, could significantly reduce the value of companies globally by as much as US$2.3 trillion, according to a report that was recently released by Principles for Responsible Investment. The […]

What’s so good about landfills? pt 1

The average elevation above sea level in Florida is around 6 feet. That means, averaging at 300 feet, the local landfill is likely the highest point around any city in the Sunshine State. You might know landfills as the stinky trash mountains adjacent to the interstate. They are the final destination for the stinky garbage […]

Are You Affected by Outdoor Air Pollution?

Air Pollution in Los Angeles

Nearly half of all Americans are exposed to outdoor air pollution that could potentially impact their health, according to a report recently published by the American Lung Association, which has been ranking US cities according to their air quality for the past 19 years. Every year the American Lung Association analyzes air quality data obtained […]