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Diamond Scientific provides The most reliable isntrument for biogas applications. The BIOGAS 5000 is easy to use, calibrate and configure.

Methane from Manure: Could Farms be Power Plants of the Future

Methane from manure biogas projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Livestock farms could provide an abundant supply of renewable energy through methane from manure projects. Farm manure, already widely used in biogas projects, could provide a  readily available and renewable source of energy that would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for global warming and climate change. When manure and other organic matter breaks down, […]

Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Sludge: A Primer

Anaerobic digesters at Black River wastewater treatment plant

Anaerobic digestion is the most commonly used method of wastewater sludge treatment, where the primary aim is to break down the sludge in order to minimize the volume that is left for disposal. During this process the organic matter is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria in an oxygen-free environment, producing carbon dioxide and methane gases and […]

Green Engineering: Designing Biogas Plant to Optimize Waste Management

Biogas Production at Aquaculture Farms

Biogas is a sustainable and renewable form of energy, produced from organic waste matter that is all around us. Biogas plants are typically fueled by waste from feed stock or animal manure, but researchers and industry stakeholders are becoming more creative in their approach to make biogas not only more sustainable, but also an extremely […]

Landfill Gas Monitoring Tips

Landfill gas monitoring

Tips for Using Landfill Gas Monitoring Systems In order to extract and collect landfill gas, and to reduce surface emissions and prevent migration of hazardous gases, specially designed landfill gas (LFG) systems need to be installed on landfill sites. Some landfill operators collect LFG as it is a valuable source of energy. To ensure both […]

Benefits of Combining Farm-based Food Waste with Manure Anaerobic Digestion

food-waste and manure anaerobic digestion

Study Shows Food-waste Added to Manure Anaerobic Digestion Process Offers Many Benefits After conducting an in-depth life-cycle analysis assessing the environmental impact and economic benefits of managing both manure and food waste generated at a dairy farm, scientists conclude that anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and animal waste offered significant environmental, energy and cost benefits […]