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Bio digesters are designed for the accelerated decomposition of solid wastes from animal feed operations, municipal solid waste, and industrial by products and waste water processing operations.

Methane from Manure: Could Farms be Power Plants of the Future

Methane from manure biogas projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Livestock farms could provide an abundant supply of renewable energy through methane from manure projects. Farm manure, already widely used in biogas projects, could provide a  readily available and renewable source of energy that would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for global warming and climate change. When manure and other organic matter breaks down, […]

Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater Sludge: A Primer

Anaerobic digesters at Black River wastewater treatment plant

Anaerobic digestion is the most commonly used method of wastewater sludge treatment, where the primary aim is to break down the sludge in order to minimize the volume that is left for disposal. During this process the organic matter is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria in an oxygen-free environment, producing carbon dioxide and methane gases and […]

Monitoring the Biogas Production Process

Biogas production process

One of the benefits of using livestock waste in the biogas production process is that, compared to waste used in municipal sewage digesters, it has a relatively uniform composition. Consequently, upsets are uncommon once the digestion process is underway and has stabilized. If the digestion process is correctly managed, things are likely to run smoothly […]

Biogas Collection, Storage & Safety Considerations

Biogas Collection & Storage

Biogas Collection: Collecting the Biogas As mentioned in the previous article, digester gas is typically comprised of 60-70% methane, with the balance consisting primarily of carbon dioxide together with smaller amounts of hydrogen sulfide and other trace gases.  To prevent the biogas from being contaminated by atmospheric oxygen water levels need to be maintained so […]

Biogas Digester Design & Construction 

Biogas Digester Design & Construction

Digester Design One of the most critical elements of digester design, and the first thing to consider when planning to install a biogester, is your size requirements. The amount of waste that will be digested, and whether or not this will need to be diluted, will determine the size of the digester needed. The amount […]