Tally in mobile

Can tally be used on Mobile?

In this digital-driven era, smartphones have penetrated every sphere. More than 3 billion people are using smartphones every day for acquiring information. Thus, a plethora of people want to download tally on mobile android or Tally Prime on mobile platforms. 

Here, we are going to mention how you use tally on mobile.

Why do you need to use tally on mobile?

Tally software doesn’t offer any mobile application version. This implies you can’t run the original Tally.ERP 9 / TallyPrime on various platforms like Android / iOS mobile / iPad or Android tablet.

So, the links that you got on your screen regarding the tally app for mobile are third parties. They don’t use original licensed Tally ERP, rather they created interfaces that access Tally data on a smartphone. Thus, your smartphone doesn’t contain the original Tally.ERP 9. Many websites also offer spam links like Tally Prime mobile app download, Tally on mobile apk cracked, Tally on mobile full version apk, Tally app for mobile, etc. to allure their customers.

Is there any way to have Tally 9 on your mobile?

Livekeeping offers solutions like the Tally on the mobile app that helps you to access the licensed Tally version on Android at an affordable price. You can run Tally.ERP 9 at any time in the presence of a stable internet connection.

How to run/install tally on your smartphone?

Tally ERP is an imperative software for the accounting domain. But it’s a complete windows-based enterprise resource planning software, thus, you can’t install it on the mobile platform. Livekeeping solved this problem by offering a solution “Tally on mobile” for its customers so that they can easily run their businesses while sitting anywhere.

·        Step 1: get in touch with Livekeeping to download and access tally on mobile

·        Step 2: Download and signup for Livekeeping on the desktop application. First, select your company in tally and then sync the account in Livekeeping’s desktop application.

·        Step 3: Log in with the same signup details to view the details and analytics of your tally account.

Some astonishing advantages of tally on mobile

·        You are free to use any version of tally software, including Tally ERP 7.2 or 9.

·        The data security threat is zero. The servers are well armed with an advanced firewall, intrusion prevention and detection system. Moreover, continuous monitoring ensures there is no data breach on the internet.

·        You can easily download tally on Mobile at a reasonable price from Livekeeping.

·        You can access any time, anywhere at any device irrespective of physical location.

·        Real-time data synchronization facility

·        99.995 % SLA Uptime with the backup facility to ensure business continuity in disastrous instances.

·        The service providers offer incessant support

·        Without installing a printer driver, you can download the Tally report from any location

·        Customizable login web page

·        Secured connection from any web browser

·        Infinite users can work concurrently on a scalable load-balanced architecture.

·        Promise to safeguard your Tally server from ransomware attacks

·        With the help of end-point device protection, restrict the access by device name.

·        You can apply a policy to control the days and the time of accessing the remote servers.

Can you access Tally data on mobile without an internet connection?

No, you can only access tally on your mobile devices if you have an internet connection. Thus, if you make any changes, it will automatically get synced with the database.

Livekeeping is an eminent company that offers tally on mobile for customers so that they can manage their accounts efficiently while sitting anywhere. The company also ensures end-to-end encryption with md5 hashing to keep your data safe under any circumstance.

Visit the official website of the company and know more about it.

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